It’s Veal and Krikke Motorsports together in 2017

It’s Veal and Krikke Motorsports together in 2017



In a major announcement Krikke Motorsports principal Ryan Krikke announces that Jamie Veal will be joining the Team full time  for the 2017 Australian season. Veal will replace Brooke Tatnell behind the wheel of the Western Australian based Transport Equipment Hire  backed #WA2 Sprintcar Team.


This is great news for the future of World Series Sprintcars and will see * Australia’s two leading drivers continue their rivalry in the *top two Sprintcar teams in the Country.

American based Australian Legend Brooke Tatnell departs the team after 12 years in which the team shared many special and emotional victories. Tatnell and Krikke Motorsports together have won many A Mains including an Australian Title, World Series Championships and the Grand Annual Classic most importantly the Krikke Boys Shoot Out

This would have been a very difficult decision for the team but with the Monte Motorsports signing last year of James McFadden this decision gives the team more fire power to take the challenge up to the 2016/17 World Series and Classic Championship Team in the coming season.

Veal’s signing came as the Warnambool based team had decides to scale back their Australian racing operation to focus on the teams US campaigns.Veal and Krikke will contest all major shows around the Country including the World Series Sprintcar Championship, the Australian Title and the Grand Annual Classic at Warnambool.

This is exciting news for Sprintcar fans across Australia and Talking Speedway wishes Krikke Motorsports, Jamie Veal great success in season 2017.We are also hopeful that we will get see Brooke Tatnell back in Australia as he is truly a legend and a fan favorite

*Authors view

Photo credits Jamie Veal Borderline Speedway

Brooke Tatnell Krikke Motorsports

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It was Boom, Boom for the Madsen Bros at Valvoline Raceway

It was Boom, Boom for the Madsen Bros at Valvoline Racewaymadsen wins A1

It was a case of double boom  in the 55th running of the Australian Sprintcar Championship at Sydney’s Valvoline Raceway when Kerry Madsen successfully defended his Australian Championship and younger brother Ian raced his Watson’s Transport backed car into second ahead of Robbie Farr and Brooke Tatnell. Young Jordyn Brazier completed the top 5 and would go home well satisfied with his Championship performance.aus sprintcar Podium

Madsen and McFadden were the two top points scorers and had the honor of starting on the from row of the 24 car field for the 40 Lap Championship decided. In the build up to the final race there was lots of activity on the twitter feeds from the Madsen fans boldly predicting a win for Kerry. Clearly they were on the money.

By lap seven the defending Champion was already leading from younger brother Ian with McFadden sitting in third. By lap 22 McFadden’s chances had slowly diminished courtesy of a deflating left front tire that had been damaged during his earlier battle for the race lead and would force his retirement from the race.

In front a huge crowd the Madsen brothers will go down in the Sprintcar history as the first brothers to run the quinella at the Australian Sprintcar Championship..Sadly as was the case last year the A1 might not be seen on Australian Speedways until Kerry Madsen returns home late 2017.With back to wins in the National Open and now the Aussie Title his confidence will be high as he plans for his return to the US and his debut in the Big Game Go Muddy back Team. Kerry will have his first race in the seat of the new Team car in Florida this February.

Photos credit Valvoline Raceway

A-MAIN Results 2017 SCCA Rod Bowen’s Prestige Smash Repairs Australian Sprintcar Championship

  1. Kerry Madsen
    2. Ian Madsen
    3. Robbie Farr
    4. Brooke Tatnell
    5. Jordyn Brazier
    6. Jackson Delamont
    7. James Thompson
    8. Grant Anderson
    9. Ian Loudoun
    10. Grant Tunks
    11. Sam Walsh
    12. Lachlan McHugh
    13. Matt Dumesny
    14. Warren Ferguson
    15. Ben Atkinson
    16. Darryl Campbell
    17. Brad Maiolo
    18. Marcus Dumesny DNF
    19. Allan Woods DNF
    20. James McFadden DNF
    21. Garry Brazier DNF
    22. Jake Tranter DNF
    23. Daniel Sayre DNF
    24. Max Dumesny DNF
    25. Jamie Veal DNF
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It’s McFadden, Monte and Milwaukee’s night at Valvoline Raceway

It’s McFadden, Monte and Milwaukee’s night at Valvoline Racewaymcfadden night 2 winner

The spanking recent form of James McFadden and his Monte Motorsports backed Milwaukee Tools W17 continues with a powerful win on night two of the 55th Australian Sprintcar Championship at Sydney’s Valvoline Raceway.

The Team has brought their Classic winning form up the highway and onto the clay at Valvoline Raceway. Starting on the front row after impressive heat form the W17 never looked backed from his front row starting position.

Never headed throughout the 30 lap journey and never seriously challenged he crossed ahead a late arriving Ian Madsen who was fortunate to take advantage of a Robbie Farr cushion banging exercise and slip through for second. Robbie Farr finished in third.night two podium

The stage is now set for a thrilling Championship night .The road to the Title still has a long way to go and the chance have your name engraved on the Championship Trophy for 55th time will be all the motivation required.

Kerry Madsen leads the points 104 into the Championship night  by 1 point from James McFadden, then Farr and Brazier on 101, Tatnell and Ian Madsen 97, Veal 96, McHugh and Delamont on 95 and Ferguson on 94.

This is one race you can’t afford to miss, who will be the 55th Australian Sprintcar Champion ?

Photo credits Monte Motorsports and Valvoline Raceway 

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Kerry Madsen takes first step in retaining the A1 Plate

Kerry Madsen takes first step in retaining the A1 Plate

Kerry Madsen takes first step in retaining his AU1 Plate with win in the opening night of the 55th Australian Sprintcar Championship last night at Sydney’s Valvoline Raceway from Warren Ferguson and Jamie Vealnight 1 podium loxley pic

Along the way Madsen gathered a solid haul points to sit on top of the standing at the end of night from Jordyn Brazier and Jamie Veal.

With back to back wins in the National Sprintcar Open against the Americans Madsen is perfectly primed to add a fourth Australian Sprintcar Championship to his impressive list of achievements .

It was a stunning first half performance from young Brazier leading from a well earned pole before fading late in the race to finish fourth. The other stunner was Warren Ferguson running out of position 16 to finish in second position behind Madsen.Warren Ferguson is a much under rated driver,super drive by the #32Nferguson loxley pic

A number of fancied runners had problems, Former dual Aussie Champ Murcott and Shaun Dobson came together and both were forced to retire. Steven Lines was also a DNF

Night two of the Championship gets underway tonight with James McFadden, Brooke Tatnell and Robbie Farr all looking to add another Australian Championship to their resumes. Ian Madsen will be out to emulate big brother but there will be plenty of others with a night two win clearly on their minds.

Pics from the lens of “Full Throttle and  Gaged Heat ” Publisher Anthony Loxley


Kerry Madsen 104
Jordyn Brazier 101
Jamie Veal 96
Jackson Delamont 95
Warren Ferguson 94
Jake Tranter 93
Ian Loudoun 91
Grant Tunks 91
Daniel Sayre 89
James Thompson 87
Troy Little 85
Marcus Dumesny 85
David Murcott 84
Kelly Linigen 84
Jeremy Cross 81
Mitchell Gee 81
Ben Ellement 80
Ben Atkinson 80
Shaun Dobson 78
Matt Thomas 77
Mitchell Dumesny 76
Glen Sutherland 76
Jamie Maiolo 73
AJ Nash 65
Michael Jordan 64
Lynton Jeffrey 63
Mick Saller 62
Steven Lines 62
Danny Reidy 61
Kyle Caunt 55
Matt Geering 54
Guy Stanshall 53
Terry Kelly 52
Craig Vanderstelt 50
Mark Attard 48
Braydan Willmington 48
Richard Morgan 46
Sean Richards 43
Bruce White 43
Jeff Lawler 42
Graham Lagerlow 35
David Craft 35
Cordi O’Hehir 34
Anthony Vanderreyden 33
Mick Matchett 32
Jesse Attard 31
Blake Skipper 28
James Grady 26
Luke Oldfield 11


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Press Release -Monte Motorsports

Jamie Veal to drive the #W17 for Monte Motorsports

Jamie Veal to drive the #W17 for Monte Motorsports


“Monte Motorsport is pleased to confirm that Jamie Veal will pilot the Milwaukee Tools #17 for the Gold Cup to be held at the Perth Motorplex on Saturday 23rd April.

Fresh from wrapping up the USC Championship last night at Valvoline Raceway with his SWI Engineering team Jamie’s racing schedule for the Australian season is complete. With our teams racing commitments for the season finished the opportunity presented itself and our team led by crew chief Kim Buswell are looking forward to working with Veal to round out our WA season ”

End release

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Remembering Tyson Perez

Remembering Tyson PerezRilat and team
Tyson “Spud” Perez passed away July 21, 2010 at Seattle’s Harborview Medical Center. Described as “a big lovable oaf.” by Skagit Speedway announcer Kale Hart .
In the US Tyson were spanner man, crew chief and longtime friend of Travis Rilat.

Speedway families across the world remember those who have passed and the Tyson Perez Memorial is a very special way speedway keeps the memory of Tyson Perez close to the hearts of those he meant so much too.
Travis Rilat has honored his friend’s memory with flying visits each year for the past 5 years to compete in this special event.

Travis Rilat on the way to win number 3 at the Tyson Perez Memorial

Travis Rilat on the way to win number 3 at the Tyson Perez Memorial

The Tyson Perez Memorial was first contested in 2011 and the inaugural race was won by Chris Solomon at Redline Speedway, Ballarat.
Rilat the well credentials racer from the North West in the US is a former ASCS Champion no has won the Tyson Perez memorial for the past 3 years .This devotion to his friend’s memory brings a lump to my throat

The 2016 race like those before was an emotional event and attracts entries from across South Australia, Northern territory and Victoria .Borderline Speedway at Mount Gambier was the venue for the 2106 race 27 cars were nominated for the 31 lap feature with $13,000 in the prize purse.Rilat was again driving the George Smetona car and he was crewed by Phil Seymour.
Rilat won his third Tyson memorial from Jake Tranter and the 2011 winner Chris Solomon. The complete race result were

Tyson Perez Memorial Podium

Tyson Perez Memorial Podium

A Main results: 1st USA 29 Travis Rilat, 2nd SA45 Jake Tranter, 3rd SA75 Chris Solomon, 4th SA33 Mark Caruso, 5th V7 Paul Solomon, 6th SA22 Chad Ely, 7th NT24 Jamie O’Neil, 8th V40 Dion Bellman, 9th V23 Jimmy Gardiner, 10th SA44 Daniel Evans, 11th SA18 Jed Bell, 12th V34 Brenten Farrer, 13th SA16 Jack Gartner, 14th SA57 Rory Button- DNF, 15th ACT49 Matt Reed-DNF, 16th V91 Brad Warren-DNF, 17th V4 Phil Lock-DNF, 18th V8 Corey Lincoln-DNF, 19th V65 Kane Newcombe-DNF, 20th V64 Eddie Lumbar- DNF.
After the race in a trackside interview Rilat said “Lap traffic was starting to make it interesting and I was taking my time a bit and then I remembered the signal Tyson used to give me during a yellow light – he would indicate me to grow a set and get up high and go around the outside, so that’s what I did and it worked. This event truly is a great tribute to him.”
Photos supplied by Steve Walters- Snapperific Photography.

Please check out Steve’s page at

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Bunbury Podium credit -FR Media

Bunbury Podium
credit -FR Media


“The California Kid” Kyle Hirst has dominated round 11 of Enzed World Series Sprintcars by winning not just the A Main for the feature race but also the 360 Sprintcar feature as well at the historical 400th round of World Series Sprintcars at Quit Bunbury Speedway.

Monte Motorsport team owner Luch Monte made the call early last week to for Kyle to run both divisions which is something he is accustomed to in his native California, and after governing the 360 A Main, went on to lead from start to finish of the World Series feature in identical fashion.

“We came here with two cars and got both wins, so it couldn’t get any better,” Hirst said, enjoying the spoils of getting the double, and when asked if the extra track time gave him an advantage, the smiling assassin conceded that it was great track time.

“We were on the track all night long, and it seemed like I was doing heat race after heat race, but then again you don’t always know what you’re going to get but Buzzy picked hard tires and that let me go as hard as I wanted and not worry about them blowing out like what happened to James,” he said referring to James McFadden’s last corner lunge around the top side while running second, that came to a crunching holt when his right rear tyre exploded.

Hirst and Mcfadden credit FR Media

Hirst and Mcfadden
credit FR Media

We’ve been doing it long enough now, that you understand that this is just the way it rolls. We’re not sure why we’re losing so many races to blown tyres but anyway, we had great car speed and we’ll just keep trucking,” McFadden said, amazingly still carrying a smile.

Jamie Veal bounced back in the possible fashion from his very forgettable run at Albany by securing Revolution Racegear Quicktime and after both rounds of heats, had clawed back Brooke Tatnell’s series points lead to 50, and after running second in the Amain ahead of Tatnell in third (who’d come from ninth,) was able to salvage yet another 30 points to trail Tatnell by just 20 heading in to the two-night Grand Final at the Perth Motorplex next weekend.

Ryan Farrell was the best of the locals claiming fourth after starting seventh with Steven Lines rounding out the top five and keeping in the hunt for the series should Veal and Tatnell experience any misfortune in the final round.

Luke Dillon claimed the Hoosier Hard Charger after qualifying an uncharacteristic 16th out of 24 cars and started the feature from 14th and advanced to 6th.

End press release

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Hirst wins in Perth

Hirst wins in Perth

Monte Motorsports’ Kyle Hirst has claimed his first Enzed World Series Sprintcars round win in dramatic fashion as the left rear tyre of the Milwaukee Power Tools #17 exploded just 50 metres before he crossed the finish line.

Hirst held off the Hoosier Hard Charger Steven Lines who raced from fifteenth on the grid to a phenomenal runner up result, ahead of Brooke Tatnell who started in ninth, Jamie Veal and Shaun Bradford.

WSSC Podium

WSSC Podium

Just eight cars greeted the chequered flag after tyre degradation claimed a number of scalps including front runners, David Murcott, James McFadden, Luke Dillon and Jason Kendrick, while the remaining finishers all proved to be down to the final threads of their rubber to make it across the line, shining even more light on Hirsts miraculous victory.

To finally get a win is just awesome,” the Californian beamed, “because we’ve been fast and got podiums but never able to finish it off, but to get the monkey off our back now is such a relief. There’s so many good people that we get to race against over here and it’s just so cool.”

Luke Dillon cemented himself as a repeat offender in qualifying, claiming his sixth Revolution Racegear Quicktime for the season over Murcott and Hirst, but after heats and the Top 8 Shootout, started out of the third row beside Jason Kendrick.

Jamie Veal was the early leader in the 30 Lap final but after three stoppages from separate incidents that included Callum Williamson, Daniel Harding and a collision with Ian Madsen and Lee Nash, Hirst pounced on the restart to get under Veal and extend his lead, before a nervous collision with Kye Scroop left the Hirst fans nervous as to whether the Milwaukee Power Tools entry at sustained any damage as immediately after, the race came to a stop for a single car rollover for Andrew Priolo with only six laps remaining.hirst wssc

However the stars finally aligned for Hirst as his tyre exploded as he exited turn four on the final lap, crossing the line just three tenths of a second ahead of Lines and a further two seconds back to Tatnell in third.

The touring circus now heads to Albany next Friday and Bunbury the following night, with Jamie Veal now leading the series by just five points over Brooke Tatnell, and a further 191 points back to Steven Lines. Fourth placed James McFadden’s title hopes received a terrible blow with his DNF leaving him now 379 points behind Veal and in the clutches of Murcott and Dillon in the battle for the minor championship placings.

Photos: Peter Roebuck – Press release World Series Sprintcars

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Windsor to Warnambool 54 years on

With its roots planted forever in the clay, now long gone from the old Windsor RSL Speedway the Australian Sprintcar Championship held it very first Championship race on Sunday afternoon at the Windsor RSL Speedway.
Life started out as the Sportsman/Hot Rod and in the passing years the category moved from Modified to Modified sprintcars before finally in 1979 to its current name as the Australian Sprintcars.The first Championship was won by Victoria Billy Willis over Ray Forrest and Graham McCubbin.

The first programme

The first programme

The 2016 Championship will be the 54th time the Championship has been staged. 80 cars will be signed in the contest the three nights of racing and with 8 previous Champions in the field the winner picking the winner will indeed be a task.

So many chances, Jamie Veal, Kerry Madsen, James McFadden and defending Champion David Murcott all have recent race wins that helps add confusion to the form guide. One thing can be guaranteed the winner will knon he or she has been in one hell of a race.

With two nights of qualifying before the Championship night points will be the main aim in securing a favorable starting for Championship Feature.
The Australian Sprintcar Championship will conclude an amazing two weeks of Sprintcar racing at Warnambool’s Premier Speedway.

54th aus sprintcar champs

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