World Series Sprintcar Round three who will win

World Series Sprintcars all parked up in the pits at Borderline Speedway for round 3 of the World Series Sprintcars. Overnight and early this morning the roads into Mount Gambier witnessed a convoy of transporters hauling the 51 Teams from Murray bridge Speedway.

Will McFadden strike again with back to back wins or will Kerry Madsen recover from last night’s nasty meeting with the fence to grab his second WSS win for 2018.But with Jason Johnson feeling comfortable after two podiums can he squeeze the Diamond Bay Motorsports #26 across the line for his first WSS win. Jamie Veal will be hoping the Krikke #W2 fire ups and takes him to the top of the podium after last night’s disappointment.

All these question and many more will be answered later tonight after the chequer falls on round three of the WSS and Speed week.

The winner tonight will know he’s been in real scrap such is the quality of the field tonight at Borderline Speedway in Mount Gambier.

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Press release Perth Motorplex “Magic man 34 “

Press release Perth Motorplex “Magic man 34 “


“Four American drivers will be taking on Australia’s best at the $34,000 Magic Man 34 event on November 5 at Perth Motorplex.

Two of them have won the event previously including four time victor Davey Ray and 2013 champ Alex Bright. Fellow Americans Zac Daum and Justin Grant will be hoping to add their names to the list of drivers to have won Australia’s richest Speedcar race.

But they will be facing a tough group of locals including in-form young gun Kaiden Manders, last year’s winner Neville Lance and two times WA State champion Dayne Kingshott, who has been gaining plenty of experience in the USA himself.

This year’s Magic Man 34 will be the final running of the event dedicated to Speedcar driver Michael Figliomeni, who tragically passed away of a heart attack in the pit paddock of Perth Motorplex.

Perth Motorplex speedway manager Gavin Migro said the family made the decision to make the 10th running of the event the final one.

“The Magic Man 34 event has been a great tribute to Michael’s memory and one of the favourite races for fans on the calendar,” he said. “The family really want to make sure the final event goes out on a high with one of the best fields and highest payouts Australian speedcar racing has ever seen.

“The family felt that after ten years the time was right to bring closure to the Magic Man 34 event and that a world class international field will pay homage to the great Michael Figliomeni in an appropriate manner.”

The Magic Man 34 begins from 6pm on Saturday, November 5.

Entry List

USA 4 Alex Bright

6 Alfonso Guadagnino

7 Nicholas Rowe

10 Daryl Clayden

11 Jai Dillon

12 Chris Telenta

14 Neville Lance

USA 14 Zac Daum

15 Rob Golding

17 Daniel Golding

18 Angelo Karoussis

19 Steven Henderson

21 Kaiden Manders

23 Glen Mears

24 Dayne Kingshott “

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Stewart spot of bother

What a difference a week can make for Shane Stewart

Shane Stewart was high above the Knoxville track last week and tonight at Granite City the Larson Marks high flyer stayed on all fours for the duration of the30 laps A Main.

A week racing the Outlaws circuit can change dramatically and Wednesday results took Stewart to a new high when he passed pole sitter Kerry Madsen on lap 10 then managed to fend off a late charge from Brad Sweet before racing away to the checker to record his fourth Outlaw success for the season. Kerry Madson followed Sweet across the stripe for the final spot on the Outlaw podium.Stewart was stoked after his win and to recover quickly after his Knoxville crash is great credit to his hard working crew. Shane Stewart brought his A game to Granite City.

stewart granite

Stewart’s elation was in stark difference to Madsen who would have been fueled with plenty of confidence after qualifying second behind Saldana and recording heat and dash wins to secure the coveted pole spot

Brad Sweet retained his leading position on the point’s ladder when Donny Schatz had a miserable night. First finding himself in the last chance showdown then to lose an engine in the A main, a rare failure for the seven time Champion Team. Sweet will lead Schatz by just 1 point when the Outlaws knock open the gates of River Cities Speedway to start their Northern Tour.

Listen to the post race interviews with Shane Stewart, Brad Sweet and Kerry Madsen on this link:

A-Main – (30 Laps) – 1. 2-Shane Stewart [2]; 2. 49-Brad Sweet [4]; 3. 29-Kerry Madsen [1]; 4. 9-Daryn Pittman [5]; 5. 41-Jason Johnson [6]; 6. 5-David Gravel [11]; 7. 1S-Logan Schuchart [14]; 8. 1A-Jacob Allen [15]; 9. 7S-Jason Sides [7]; 10. 83-Joey Saldana [3]; 11. 18-Ian Madsen [8]; 12. 2KS-Craig Dollansky [10]; 13. 21-Brian Brown [16]; 14. 7-Paul McMahan [18]; 15. 2L-Danny Lasoski [9]; 16. 55-Brooke Tatnell [12]; 17. 19-Paige Polyak [17]; 18. 44-Chris Martin [20]; 19. 5G-Dave Glennon [21]; 20. 13-Clyde Knipp [23]; 21. 20A-Jordon Adams [22]; 22. 19L-Rob Caho [24]; 23. 15-Donny Schatz [19]; 24. W20-Greg Wilson [13]. Lap Leaders: Kerry Madsen 1-10, Shane Stewart 11-30. KSE Hard Charger Award: 1S-Logan Schuchart [+7]


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Bayston Bags first USAC Win at Gas City

Spencer Bayston bags first USA WIn at Gas City

Bayston Gas CityGas City and 45 Midgets gather the pits for race two for the Indiana Midget Week. The crowd and most of the USAC teams would have been privately concerned that Larson would again remind them of his unbelievable versatility and ability to adjust from the pavement of the NASCAR World back to the hustle of  the real raw racing on dirt .

The Gas City track was lighting fast with the track record coming under attack during the warm ups with both Clauson and Abreu getting under the mark.Once qualifying was done and dusted Rico Abreu would emerge as the Prosourse fast qualifier over Ryan Robinson and Bryan Clauson. Heat winners were Ryan Greth, Tanner Thorson, Christopher Bell and Brady Bacon.Bayston car

Spencer Bayston and Zach Daum had the front row for the 30 lap featurewith Clauson and Larson in row two.Bayston won the start and headed Daum into the first corner.The 2015 rookie of year started to settle nicely into the race lead and moved from the bottom into the middle of the track. The race was stopped on lap 9 when Chase Johnson’s night ended suddenly with a barrel roll in turn four .Johnson’s effort brought out the first caution. Thankfully Johnson was unhurt.

The restart was the only time Bayston was under real pressure and Daum got to the inside to lead the 17year old only to lose it by time the pair reached the stripe for lap 9.At this point Daum’s race started to fade under the pressure from Larson and Clauson.By the halfway point Clauson had pushed past Larson but Bayston was clear with one-and-half second .up his sleeve.

When other 17 year olds are planning their summer vacation Bayston was blitzing past back markers with the skill of a second professional and nothing that Clauson or Larson had made any difference .With  just 7 laps remaining Thorson’s car stopped and brought out a caution , providing  Clauson and Larson one last chance to overhaul the 2015 Rookie of the year .If Bayston was nervous on the restart, and who could blame him with a host of USAC winners  all over his tank he showed no signs  and took the restart with total authority leaving Clauson and Larson to argue over the runner up position.Gas City finish

The battle for second between Clauson and Larson grabbed the attention but Larson’s efforts came to an end when he clipped a turn four tyre marker and slowed and would he would have to settle for third.Bayston’s drive was that of a master professional and the Gas City win was the first of many more USAC National wins to come.

Keith Kunz must surely be about the best judge of new talent around, his ability to pick replacements when his stars Larson, Bell and Abreu move on to the bigger NSCAR stage is nothing short of stunning.

With the sun setting above the Gas City Landscape the haulers head out with their cargo of midgets to Lincoln Park Speedway Putnamville night two of the Indiana Midget week comes to a close and Bryan Clauson with two second places finds his way into the lead for the Indiana Midget Week Championship with 152 over Larson 150 and Bell third with 140.Bayston


Driver interviews: Spencer Bayston “I’m speechless right now,” Bayston exclaimed.  “Big Al (Scroggins) had the car absolutely perfect.  I could hold it to the ground and it would dig the whole way around.  I was waiting for Bryan (Clauson) and Kyle (Larson) to show up, but these guys gave me a good enough race car that I could stay out front.  I was getting some signals under the red from my guys about where those two were running, so I just tried to focus on my line and tried to keep making good laps.  To race against these guys is special and to beat them is even more special because both of them are guys that I’ve looked up to my whole career.”

Bryan Clauson “Our car was alright tonight; we were just a little off,” Clauson admitted.  “We could hang; we just didn’t have enough to mount anything.  I pulled out everything I had to hold Kyle off.  Those three points could play a big factor at the end of the week, but it’s a great start to ‘Indiana Midget Week’ for us.”

Kyle Larson “It’s always fun racing Bryan (Clauson),” Larson said.  “I needed the caution, but I needed to restart in front of Bryan and, after that, I didn’t really have a shot at Spencer (Bayston).  He wasn’t on the bottom in (turns) three and four and I could get through there pretty well.  Bryan was running on the bottom in (turns) three and four too and it was enough to slow me down a little, but I had a lot of fun.  It was a pretty solid weekend of racing for me, so a big thanks to Keith (Kunz) and Pete (Willoughby).”

FEATURE FINISH: (30 laps) 1. Spencer Bayston, 2. Bryan Clauson, 3. Kyle Larson, 4. Zach Daum, 5. Christopher Bell, 6. Rico Abreu, 7. Brady Bacon, 8. Shane Golobic, 9. Justin Peck, 10. Jerry Coons, Jr., 11. Ryan Robinson, 12. Chad Boat, 13. Justin Grant, 14. Ryan Greth, 15. Tyler Thomas, 16. Chris Windom, 17. Gage Walker, 18. Tony DiMattia, 19. Tanner Thorson, 20.* Dayne Kingshott, 21. Jimi Quin, 22. Holly Shelton, 23. Chase Johnson, 24. Dave Darland. NT
**Hatton flipped during the fourth heat. Johnson flipped on lap 9 of the feature.

FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Laps 1-30 Bayston.


Photo Credits :Travis Branch,Spencer Bayston Racing,Bryan Clauson Racing

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Kaiden Manders finish the season as he started with win

Kaiden Manders finish the season as he started with win

Kaiden Manders

Kaiden Manders

Young Western Australian Kaiden Manders in the McAllen Motorsports entry finished the 2015/16 season on a high. Winning the final Feature on the Perth Motorplex program. Manders dominated the race and the win added another page to his impressive list of speedcar success.The 2016 season ended with the Team adding the Perth Track Championship to their 2016 list of wins

This year the promise Manders showed when he won the 2014 Magic Man 34 was carried forward with wins in the Western Australian Title, the Laurie Mathew Classic and the Sheehan Haulage Grand Prix Series plus a swag of feature wins at tracks around the West.Overcoming the talents of lee Redmond and Dyane Kingshott for most of this past season clearly stamps Manders as the leading driver in Western Australia.

Kingshott has been driving the Lee Redmond #52 as his car is well on the way to the US where Kingshott wil compete in the USAC and POWRi Midget Weeks .

Kaiden Manders

Kaiden Manders

The combination of the McAllen Motorsports and Kaiden Manders continues to grow and with the careful management from the McAllen’s the future will be filled with many more major wins and Titles.

The results from the final night at Perth Motorplex ,

Heat One – 10 laps: 1. Kaiden Manders, 2. Neville Lance, 3. Jason Tremeer, 4. Dayne Kingshott, 5. Phil Tremeer, 6. Glen Mears, 7. Daniel Golding, 8. Chris Telenta, 9. Ryan Condren, 10. Steven Henderson, 11. Rob Golding. DNF: Travis White (6). DNS: Chris Griffiths. Total Time: 2.44.533. Winning Margin: 0.060. Fastest Lap: 15.724 Kaiden Manders.

Heat Two – 10 laps: 1. Kaiden Manders, 2. Dayne Kingshott, 3. Neville Lance, 4. Glen Mears, 5. Ryan Condren, 6. Jason Tremeer, 7. Travis White, 8. Rob Golding, 9. Steven Henderson. DNF: Dan Golding (6), Phil Tremeer (6), Chris Griffiths (6). DNS: Chris Telenta. Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 0.905. Fastest Lap: 15.461 Kaiden Manders.

Feature – 20 laps: 1. Kaiden Manders, 2. Glen Mears, 3. Ryan Condren, 4. Travis White, 5. Rob Golding, 6. Jason Tremeer, 7. Chris Telenta. DNF: Steven Henderson (16), Dayne Kingshott (5), Neville Lance (5). DNS: Dan Golding, Chris Griffiths, Phil Tremeer. Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 14.110. Fastest Lap: 15.705 Kaiden Manders.

Podium Perth

Podium Perth

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Darwin Speedway ready for 2016 opener.

Darwin Speedway ready for 2016 opener.

With the 2016 racing season starting to close out for the year across most of Australia the top end, The Northern Territory Northline Speedway in Darwin is getting ready for their season opener on May 7th.

The track April 9

The track April 9

With the top end starting to dry out and vegetation growing freely around the track club members have got down and dirty as they unleashed their efforts and returned the track to top spec conditions .During the wet the vegetation grows freely relishing the freedom to spread and enjoy  the dirt before the howling roar and wheel spinning  winged monsters take control of the track.

The transformation of the racing surface in just two week is a credit to the many hours the volunteers and track management put into the project.Northline

The Roller Door Service Northline Speedway announced that one of Speedways most recognizable voices, Stu McCarthy track commentator at Sydney’s Valvoline Raceway will do track side commentary for the season .McCarthy will bring a level of expertise and enthusiasm to the race track that will be appreciated by all those race fans track side .Sydney based McCarthy will travel up throughout the season.

Stu McCarthy at work

Stu McCarthy at work

Teams will get their first taste of the track in 2016 during practice on April 30th before the season opener on May 7th; .The program the first of 13 for the season will host 410 Sprintcars, Wingless Sprints, Formula 500s, AMCA Nationals, Street Stocks, Junior Sedans and Speedway Karts.

For more information on the Roller Door Service Northline Speedway visit their web site

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Young racer dies after fiery crash in Southern Ohio

Young racer dies after fiery crash in Southern OhioCharlieFloyd

Last Friday night April 16th at the Southern Ohio Speedway a young man with a passion for life, family and dirt late model racing lost his life after suffering horrendous injuries during a fiery crash at the Speedway.

Charlie Ford headed out to the Speedway looking forward to pushing his #99F Dirt late Model thru the corners and down the straight at the Southern Ohio track fulfilling one of his passions.A horrible accident would take his young life away, this is just so sad. A young man lost from his family and the young family enduring the pain of their broken hearts.

The details of the accidents are to horrific to report here and out of respect for all those involved in the rescue and recovery I will leave it unsaid.In these heart wrenching times when hearts and spirit are forever damaged the wonderful support the Speedway Families steps up with is amazing .No matter where it is groups join with a common good to support in real ways the families that suffer.

A young man lost, partner and small child left behind but because of the love, generosity of support they will find the umbrella of love and support always overhead.While we all share the lost, we can’t for one moment take the pain away. Only time and love will bring happiness back but the loss remains in our hearts forever.

Rest in peace Charlie Ford and May god bless and care for Quinn and baby Liam

Safe in God's care #99forever

Safe in God’s care #99forever


You can support Charlie Ford’s family with your donations at this site.

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Press release Tasmanian Speedcar Drivers Association

Matt harford for tassi
Two Interstate Speedcars will be making the trip to Carrick Speedway this Easter Long weekend chasing the Inaugural Easter Cup Challenge Event!
Queensland’s Matt Hefford (formerly Tasmanian) & Victoria’s Nick Parker have both Nominated for the Easter Cup Challenge and are currently making the trip south hoping to show the local Tasmanian speedcar drivers how its done!Nick Palmer for Tasmania

Nick Parker is only in his rookie season as a speedcar driver but has already had a win to his name in Portland, Victoria, and in only his 4th race meeting! He is not new to racing how ever with 7 states titles in karts (including 3 in tassie) and numerous podiums in other paved racing divisions! Driving PMT Racing’s V39 Aggressor/Fontana Nick has no doubt got the speed to mix it with any Speedcar around!

Matt Hefford is no stranger to Tasmania! Having Grown up watching racing at Carrick Speedway with his father Matt jumped at the chance to come and race in tassie. Matt is one of only a handful of people to have driven a speedcar around carrick when he test drove Trent Blakes BHR Razor/Ed Pink Ford in a private test session Mid November. From that first test ,Matt said we would come back to race Tasmanian’s first Speedcar race meeting, so after a big Queensland domestic season where he won only a few weeks ago, he has packed up his speedcar and shiped it down to “Tassie” hoping to park his Matt Hefford Motorsport Spike/Gerte into Victory Lane Again!!

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New Zealand Midget Champion 2016 Peter Hunnibell

New Zealand Midget Champion 2016 Peter HunnibellPeter Nunnibell  NZ1

A week after winning his maiden New Zealand Midget Champion Auckland’s Peter Hunnibell return to Western Springs sporting prized NZ1 on the tail of his midget .First race as the NZ1 fittingly was the Barry Butterworth Classic

After watching Speedway for over 50 years I must admit that I get great excitement and pleasure when I see the underdog get up and take the spoils. To win a National Title is tough, fitness and commitment and the ability to stay focused when other around you are self destructing is in itself an achievement.

Peter Hunnibell New Zealand Midget Champion 2016

Peter Hunnibell New Zealand Midget Champion 2016

The 30 lap New Zealand Title is a race that all teams desperately want to win and the desire to carry the Countries premier racing number sends the adrenalin sky high.
New Zealand’s top three , the defending Champion Brad Mosen, Hayden Williams and 6 times Champion and current Australian Champion Michael Pickens shared the top three positions and the expectations of a massive battle between these three superb racers would fade as the laps ran out and totally different story line would start to emerge.
Peter Hunnibell in #39 was starting out of position 12 and like many other would have been reserved as the 20 car field approached the starter.
Like many races the front runners got away clean but an early stoppage was not an indication of how this Title race would span out .The first casualty was James Earl when he spun and collected McCutcheon and ending his Title ambition. For most of the early laps the Mosen,William and Pickens duel starting to show what the fans had come to see close fast and aggressive confrontation between New Zealand’s best three.
Mosen was the early leader before Williams played his cards early taking the lead position by laps together with Drummond found the six times Champ quickly back in 5th position. two. Pickens had some early moments and a coming .By lap four Pickens had regained 3rd.Soon after Pickens and Mosen tangle and by lap 6 Pickens had secured second over Mosen with Williams in his frame.

Mosen and Williams shared the front row for the Championship

Mosen and Williams shared the front row for the Championship

Pickens and Mosen continued to dispute second behind Williams. Drummond was now entering the battle and tries to use the pole line to get underneath Mosen and Picken .Pickens and Mosen continue to argue over the spot and pair come together .A bang here and a bang there before Pickens once again locks in second
As the Championship Features reached the halfway point Hunnibell still sits back in the pack out of trouble as the top three starts to gap the field .It is not long before lapped traffic starts to present a separate challenge and Leyton Kendall sits in their path. Even laps from home and track has started to widen
Williams leading for most of the race has a big moment on lap 24 with a wheel stand and Pickens tries to take advantage but Williams recovers and continues to lead. With the laps running out Williams had the chance to close out the Championship but the drama starts to unfold when the top three approach Lucas Scott who is about to go a lap down .Williams and Pickens clear Scott when Mosen wheel stands the #NZ1 and rolls the Esslinger four times and collects #3NZ Dave Kerr. Both Kerr and Mosen are out and in 2016 there will be no back to back Championship glory for 2015 Champion

Brad Mosen defending Champion

Brad Mosen defending Champion

From here on the Championship takes an unbelievable turn. Williams leads Pickens on the restart three from home. Williams is wide ,Pickens underneath ,Championship winning move that goes wrong and the pair collide , both spins into the incoming traffic, somehow Williams keeps the #27 going while Pickens car is damaged and what he figure was a winning move takes home out of the race and no 7th Title this year . ..#65 and #36 and #87 are also infield bound and out of the race
Another restart and Williams get a reprieve. Championship is starring him in the face and I can image his heart rate pumping up .Again Williams takes the lead and with 2 laps left and the Title looking like it will be Williams maiden Championship when Brunt tries a sneaky slider on the #27, the unbelievable happens when Williams rolls and Hunnibell takes advantage and moves up a position.
Brunt avoids a penalty and will lead off the restart from Maxwell Hunnibell and Scott…Maxwell takes the lead on the final restart from Brunt then Hunnibell plays a late hand and passes Brunt and chase after Maxwell. With an unexpected Championship win at stake Hannibal see the way past Maxwell but Maxwell with his own eyes firmly targeting the win heads to the bottom and in his efforts to re pass Hunnibell collects the #39a but Hunnibell would not be denied and stays on the track and finishes as the unexpected but super proud New Zealand Midget Speedcar Champion

They crossed the line in order Hunnibell #39a, Maxwell#81, Lucas Scott#23a, Jared Wade #85, Michael Brunt #9a .There was more surprises to come Dyane Maxwell was excluded as his #81 was declared 5 kgs under weight at the scales moving Lucas Scott #23a into second and moving Jared Wade #85 into third .

The podium New Zealand Midget Championship 2016

Peter Hunnibell NZ1 Lucas Scott NZ2 Jared Wade NZ3 Congratulation from all Speedway fans .

Hunnibell NZ1 with trophy
The exhilaration experienced by Peter Hunnibell as he entered the final two laps would have been at fever pitch and the image clearly focused in his mind of the NZ1 plate would have been the spur that was needed to make the final pass into New Zealand Midget Speedcar Racing history .No matter what happened during those 30 laps the skill and determination needed to get though all that carnage and to be able launch that last successful pass will remain a memory that Peter Hunnibell ,his team and family will never forget.
Speaking on his historic Championship win Peter had this to say
“Still hasn’t quite sunk in that we took home #1 last night. Was great to have Brad Mosen and Jonathan Allard there to congratulate us on the infield. We’d like to thank our team – Dad, Mum and Dylan, Carl and Jen, Johnny, Stu and Family, Ian and Liz, Adam, Khan and everyone else who has put in hours and persisted through after a rough start to the season. To our amazing sponsors Lubricants NZ, Narellan Pools Auckland, Allstar Plumbing Ltd, RMC valves, Appco, Autolab and Harris Race Car Parts Lt “
3o lap midget feature grids  27 Hayden Williams Racing 1nz Brad Mosen Racing (top qualifier) 1aus Michael Pickens Racing 9 Micheal Brunt 25 Scott Buckley Racing 87 Leon Burgess Racing 36 Ben Drummond Racing 22 James earl 95s Duane Hickman 81 Dayne Maxwell 33 James Cossey 39 Peter Hunnibell 23 Lucas Scott 85 Jared wade 3nz Dave Kerr 99 Taylor Clarke 96 Chris Mccutcheon 13 Ricky McGough 18 Leyton Kendall 21 Zahn Turner

20 started only 6 crossed the finishing line

Talking Speedway would like to thank Peter Hunnibell and Western Springs Speedway for the use of the photographs.

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Challenge from overseas for Australian Speedcar Title

This Saturday night 55 mighty midget speedcars will grip the Valvoline Raceway as they battle for the right to carry the Australia 1 on the tail of their car for 2016 The field of 55 includes 6 US professionals and 4 of our Kiwi friends. Adam Clarke and his JBR/Polar Ice Team are the defending Champions.

Adam Clarke JBR/Polar Ice

Adam Clarke JBR/Polar Ice

This will be one hell of a race with Zach Daum and his GRD/Eagle looking for an incident free race .Daum ,last time out at Valvoline had a nasty crash that delayed his 2015 US campaign .The season ended strongly for Daum with a 3rd place behind Rico Abreu in the Chili Bowl Nationals

Again this year as in the past the question is asked should overseas drivers be allowed to compete in our National Titles .There will be many views, here is mine and I am speaking as a race fan first of all.
Two points to consider,
Point (1) by allowing overseas entries it helps the category field attractive an exciting line up. It also offers the local the chance to race against US Professional and improve their craft. Promoters would support their inclusion as it guarantees the turnstiles ticking over and from the promoters view this is vital. Over recent years the growth of other Speedway classes and the explosion of support for Sprintcars have had a major impact on the numbers of what used to be the major speedway class.

Most Speedcar teams struggle with sponsorship as opposed to the many well funded and supported Sprintcar teams.A quick look at recent entries at State and National Series round when compared to sprintcar entries on a normal race night tells the story .Look at the numbers at the recent World Midget shows in Brisbane and Lismore, yes rain did cause inconvenience but the numbers tell the story.

Regrettably Speedcars in Australia will not in its present state be able to attract number and sponership that will provide the necessary funds to support the massive travel teams are expected to take and the fill the  prize pool .If the overseas entries were denied I expect we would see the demise and status of this race with it ending the same way as the once great Australian Grand Prix. Despite the efforts of the Nowra Speedway and those teams that have supported the race it has sadly faded in importance .This used to be an iconic race.

Almost 25% of the Australian Speedcar field is from off shore and these are supported by Australian teams and their supporter’s .The clubs work hard but the youngsters have too many options and incentives that see many skip the speedcar class. This has to be reversed and the numbers increased and they need to be able to see the thrill that a speedcar career can offer. I would go anywhere, health prevailing to watch the speedcars but I am not most fans, who are attracted to the hype, the power of the personalities, the thrill that promoters stream through to race fans everywhere you look.Daum's Eagle GRD Lismore

Point (2)
It’s all about the numbers, it’s that simple .Recent examples of the Grand Annual Classic 104 entries stacks of Americans from the Outlaws to the PA Posse and Californians .Three nights of fabulous racing with Australians battling the overseas boys. Massive crowds, big purse .No problems here and then the Americans ask why we can’t race the Aussie Sprintcar Title.

NEXT WEEK NO OVERSEAS ENTRIES .The Australian Title and over 80 local teams turn out for another three nights of racing and again massive crowds. The lack of overseas driver had no impact the support and following of our locals is huge .The prestige of the number one plate is made more special when you know you have beaten the best in Australia.The Sprintcar group has got it right and with such strong numbers and support it will continue to be able to stand alone.

There are many options that are available to the overseas driver, The World Series Sprintcars, Promoter staging the Ultimate Sprintcar Championship “USC”.
There is also the National Australian Sprintcar Open an event to satisfy their racing appetite

My conclusion is that the Australian Speedcar Championship cannot afford to stand alone and must continue to have overseas support until such time as the category can build its numbers, increase its exposure
The Australian Championship is 75 years old its history is written in the clay of past and present speedways. Many great Champions of the past and future youngsters dreaming of carrying  proudly the number one plate. It is all in the hands of the clubs, the promoters and the most valuable part of the mix the fans..One youngster making a name quickly in Speedcars is Braydan Willmington , with a fresh new Beast he will be taking his place in this quality field .

Braydan Willmington Pic Braydan Willmington Motorsports

Braydan Willmington
Pic Braydan Willmington Motorsports

The 55 nominations for the Rod Bowen Prestige Smash Repairs 75th Australian Title are :
A1 Adam Clarke * Defending Champion
NZ1 Brad Mosen (NZ)Wi
V2 Paul Farrell
N3 Darren Jenkins
W4 Alex Bright (USA)
Q5 Rod Harders
N6 Jack Black
S6 Paul Murphy
V6 Anthony Chaffey
N7 Nathan Smee
W7 Todd Waddell
N8 Trevor Malouf
S9 Michael Stewart
V11 Troy Jordan
W11 Kaiden Manders
N14 Zach Daum (USA)
Q14 Michael Harders
W14 Neville Lance
N17 Kaitlyn Anthony
NZ17 Leon Burgess (NZ)
Q18 Matt Hefford
N19 Scott Hill
Q19 Darren Vine
N23 Matt Hunter
W24 Dayne Kingshott
NZ27 Hayden Williams (NZ)
N28 Dean Meadows
N34 mIcahel Paice
NZ38 Michael Pickens (NZ)
N40 Austin Prock (USA)
N41 Jordan Mackay
Q41 Brendan Palmer
N42 Jaimie McKinlay
Q42 Andrew Felker (USA)
N55 Cameron Restall
N58 Jeremy Evans
Q58 Rusty Whittaker
N60 Stewart Howle
N65 Don Mackay
N66 Courtney O’Hehir
Q69 Lee Redmond
USA70 Brady Bacon (USA)
Q71 Troy Ware
V71 Domian Ramsey
N76 Bob Jackson
Q76 Reid Mackay
N78 Troy Jenkins
W79 Nick Rowe
Q80 Scott Doyle
Q82 Jason Bell
N87 Aidan Corish
N89 Braydan Willmington
Q89 Michael Knedall
USA91 Tyler Thomas (USA)
N97 Matt Jackson

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