Hirst wins in Perth

Hirst wins in Perth

Monte Motorsports’ Kyle Hirst has claimed his first Enzed World Series Sprintcars round win in dramatic fashion as the left rear tyre of the Milwaukee Power Tools #17 exploded just 50 metres before he crossed the finish line.

Hirst held off the Hoosier Hard Charger Steven Lines who raced from fifteenth on the grid to a phenomenal runner up result, ahead of Brooke Tatnell who started in ninth, Jamie Veal and Shaun Bradford.

WSSC Podium

WSSC Podium

Just eight cars greeted the chequered flag after tyre degradation claimed a number of scalps including front runners, David Murcott, James McFadden, Luke Dillon and Jason Kendrick, while the remaining finishers all proved to be down to the final threads of their rubber to make it across the line, shining even more light on Hirsts miraculous victory.

To finally get a win is just awesome,” the Californian beamed, “because we’ve been fast and got podiums but never able to finish it off, but to get the monkey off our back now is such a relief. There’s so many good people that we get to race against over here and it’s just so cool.”

Luke Dillon cemented himself as a repeat offender in qualifying, claiming his sixth Revolution Racegear Quicktime for the season over Murcott and Hirst, but after heats and the Top 8 Shootout, started out of the third row beside Jason Kendrick.

Jamie Veal was the early leader in the 30 Lap final but after three stoppages from separate incidents that included Callum Williamson, Daniel Harding and a collision with Ian Madsen and Lee Nash, Hirst pounced on the restart to get under Veal and extend his lead, before a nervous collision with Kye Scroop left the Hirst fans nervous as to whether the Milwaukee Power Tools entry at sustained any damage as immediately after, the race came to a stop for a single car rollover for Andrew Priolo with only six laps remaining.hirst wssc

However the stars finally aligned for Hirst as his tyre exploded as he exited turn four on the final lap, crossing the line just three tenths of a second ahead of Lines and a further two seconds back to Tatnell in third.

The touring circus now heads to Albany next Friday and Bunbury the following night, with Jamie Veal now leading the series by just five points over Brooke Tatnell, and a further 191 points back to Steven Lines. Fourth placed James McFadden’s title hopes received a terrible blow with his DNF leaving him now 379 points behind Veal and in the clutches of Murcott and Dillon in the battle for the minor championship placings.

Photos: Peter Roebuck – Press release World Series Sprintcars

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WSSC return to Valvoline Sydney but leaves Speedway City

WSSC back at Valvoline Raceway

WSSC back at Valvoline Raceway

WSSC return to Valvoline Sydney but leaves Speedway City
They say timing is everything and the timing of the announcement of the disagreement between Speedway City and Speedway Australia’s World Series Sprintcars was followed up with the announcement that WSSC would return to Sydney’s Valvoline Speedway , the response from race fans will depend which state you lived in.

For World Series Sprintcars to remain as the premier Speedway division in Australia the series needs to runs in all States and not be restricted to selected venues . Since the Series left Sydney it has been mainly a Southern and Western Australian based Series with eleven of the thirteen rounds being run in SA, WA and Victoria with WA and SA dominating the shows, hardly a National Series.2015 certainly is an improvement .

Sydney race fans were isolated from the series and now thanks to the new aggressive and forward thinking management team at Valvoline WSSC returns to excite race fans for the first time in three racing seasons.

Jason Sides doing what he does best race fast

Jason Sides doing what he does best race fast

The last time the WSSC tore up the Speedway was in the 2012/13 the double headed show was dominated by Jason Sides the Tennessee Outlaw. The WSSC show will be back for fans December 12th and it is sure to be a sellout. The contracted drivers will face off against some of the best up and coming drivers in the Country. The Parramatta Posse will be an imposing threat.
Valvoline Raceway Managing Director Steven Green “Obviously Sydney is an important location for World Series Sprintcars and World Series is important for our venue and our sport,” he explained, “we’re really excited about having a round once again. The date we have selected will coincide with a round of the Ultimate Sprintcar Championship NSW and is the week after the Homebush V8 Supercar event. We’re hoping we can cross-pollinate with a bit of V8 Supercar activity as well. It’s an exciting night for many reasons for us.”

World Series Sprintcars Race Director Shane Collins “The history between Valvoline Raceway and World Series Sprintcars is steeped in tradition,” says Collins, “it’s a really positive time for the teams and the fans that we can head back to Parramatta. The direction in which Sprintcar racing is headed at that circuit is very refreshing and we’re all excited to be adding Sydney back to our calendar this season.”

Sydney’s triumph is Speedway City’s  despair. Speedway City’s Wendy Turner released the following statement on the reasons why the tracks normally successful Boxing Night program will be missing the World Series show. Last year WSSC would not allow contracted drivers to run in the very important and sought after George Tatnell Cup.

Wendy Turner Speedway City and WSSC Champion Brooke Tatnell

Wendy Turner Speedway City and WSSC Champion Brooke Tatnell

The main basic for the loss of WSSC is Speedway City decision not to run with Speedway Australia’s insurance preferring to operate with their own .Insurance in Motorsport is essential and this problem of whose insurance you use has been a sticking point not only in Speedway but also for road racing categories sanctioned by CAMS. Many tracks and racing categories moved away and provided their own successful and competitive insurance coverage with substantial savings to promoter and competitors. Surely it is the right of the tracks to decide what is in their best interest, after all they are the ones that are putting up the CASH and taking the risk.
The rights or wrongs of this dispute is one for fans to consider but the one thing that I know is that Speedway in general, promoter and control bodies should remember that their greatest asset is the race fans who stump up big entry fees week in and week out and because of this dispute race fans in Adelaide miss out and I know from personal experience how it feels having missed the fury and color of World Series Sprintcars over the past three seasons in Sydney.

Press release from Wendy Turner-Speedway City

Speedway City posted Wednesday June 24, 2015.

PROMOTER Wendy Turner from Speedway City in Adelaide wants to set the record straight in relation to the 2015-16 World Series Sprintcars calendar and the omission of the Supple Road venue from the upcoming series.

“There has been plenty of speculation in recent times about whether or not Speedway City would be part of WSS next season and since the announcement from series organisers on June 18 there has been further speculation as to why we have not been included,” Ms Turner said.

“From the outset myself and business partner Bob Sincock have always wanted to be part of the national series and continue the proud association that started back when former WSS promoter John Hughes launched the national series concept in Adelaide in December 1986.

“When Bob and I took over the management of Speedway City 20 years ago we embraced WSS immediately as we believed in the product and everything it does for the promotion of Speedway and Sprintcars, both here in Adelaide, right across South Australia and indeed, right around the nation.

“And to this day I still very much believe in WSS.”

Ms Turner said she was proud to be a pivotal player in the success of the national series for so many years and up until August 2014 was the Chairperson of Speedway Australia, the peak body responsible for WSS.

She also said her company was a major player in the highly-successful WSS Speedweek concept that has traditionally kicked off in Adelaide before moving to other South Australian and interstate venues.

“I helped launch the $10,000-per-win round for Speedweek and contributed financially to the overall Speedweek champion prize purse,” Ms Turner said.

“Quite simply I would not invest so much of my company’s time and money into such a promotion if I didn’t believe in it.

“And that is why I am bitterly disappointed and very angry at not being able to sign a contract to be part of WSS again in

The relationship with WSS was strained when Speedway City opted to make the George Tatnell Cup last January a stand-alone event and not part of the WSS calendar.

“Our business modelling, along with our own emotional connection to the Tatnell family, pointed to this prestigious event not being part of a national series in the 2014-15 season.

“This meant that WSS scheduled an event in Murray Bridge the night before the George Tatnell Cup in January and the contracted drivers to that series were not allowed to contest our race on the Saturday night – with the exception of Brooke Tatnell who went on to win his dad’s race.

“The tough stance meant that we had some of the big names in Australian and American Sprintcar racing restricted to just being spectators at the January 31 event instead of being out on the track.”

Despite the stand-off Speedway City management was keen to be part of WSS again this year for the annual Boxing Day spot.

The venue was offered a contract but the two parties could not agree on terms.

“To host a World Series Sprintcars round you must have Speedway Australia insurance and Speedway City is happy to meet that contract obligation for the December 26 round this year,” Ms Turner said.

“The sticking point is the requirement by Speedway Australia for my company to continuously commit to its insurance policy for the entire 2015-16 Speedway season – for events that will have nothing to do with WSS whatsoever.

“For business and commercial reasons Speedway City has opted to source an alternative insurance product for the non-WSS events at our venue as is our legal right – this decision however has precluded us from having a WSS contract.”

Ms Turner said Speedway City would still host an event on Boxing Day with WSS to start its season the following night at Murray Bridge Speedway.

“Despite not being able to agree to terms our show at Speedway City on December 26 will go on,” Ms Turner said.

“Will Speedway Australia preclude its contracted drivers from racing in Adelaide on Boxing Day?

“At the end of the day that will be up to them but it would be a shame if politics again prevented certain drivers from competing and robbing racefans from seeing them in action.”

Ms Turner and her management team are busy preparing for another big season of racing that will kick off on Saturday, October 24.

Ends release

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Murcott’s misery is Tatnell’s triumph in Perth

Murcott’s misery is Tatnell’s triumph!

Brooke Tatnell no a nine times World Series Champion

Brooke Tatnell no a nine times World Series Champion

Perth West Australia: Saturday night in Perth at the Motorplex it promised so much for Australian Sprintcar Champion David Murcott but delivery little. Murcott’s misery was Tatnell’s triumph .The Knoxville based Australian finished third and secures enough points to take his 9th World Series Championship.
Murcott arrived in the pits at the Motorplex with his Horrell Motorsports team holding a 70 points advantage over the Kirke Motorsports Team of Tatnell’s.
Californian Kyle Hirst fire off the first warning shots over Murcott’s wings when he posted quick time during qualifying .Murcott timed in 3rd quick and gains points on Tatnell who struggled with engine problems during the timed runs. The Kirke team was quick to change motors to keep Tatnell in the race.

After poor qualifying team changes the engine in the KMS car

After poor qualifying team changes the engine in the KMS car

All the qualifying heats completed and the points tally confirmed that David Murcott had secure enough points for a front row starting slot for the Grand Final feature. The recently returned Aussie Outlaw Kerry Madsen had taken the pole for the Feature .Kerry Madsen fresh from his successful All Stars and Outlaw shows at the Dirt Car National in Florida flew back into Perth just for the WSS Grand Final.
Right from the green drop Madsen showed all the Outlaw punch to take a commanding race lead over Murcott as the field attacked the 30 lap decider. Madsen out in front, Murcott and Tatnell engaged in a battle behind for the Championship. The Championship was far from being over with both McFadden and Hirst starting to impose their will over the field as they charged after the leaders.
The race was almost over, only a handful of laps to race when Jason Kendrick would suddenly turn hard right in the front straight and Murcott with nowhere to go other than into Kendrick. At first the damaged appeared to be only on the front wings and the Murcott was able to restart and continue his Title chase.
The damage first thought to be minor was anything but. With Murcott at speed the racecar failed to turn, steering failure and the A1 headed straight into the fence .Murcott’s night and dream of a World Series Championship gone
Murcotts car was removed to the pit enclosure and the Australian Champion followed, helmet under his arm, the body language told the story of devastation and disbelief that his Championship had gone.
The Perth track was perfect providing drive right across the track .The Madsen car was on rails and in command .McFadden and Ryan Farrell had come out of P11 and P15 and were bulldozing their way towards the leading cars. Tatnell was still not safe as McFadden had been pulling points back quickly
Ryan Farrell’s charged stopped once he got by Tatnell and the Diamond Bay Motorsports back racer had once again showed that he was one of the most underrated drivers in Australia

Madsen crossed the stripe first to claim his fifth WSS round win, Farrell a resounding second and Brooke Tatnell third.

Kerry Madsen rd 12 WSS winner Perth

Kerry Madsen rd 12 WSS winner Perth

After 12 rounds at Speedways across Australian Brooke Tatnell is the 2014/15 Enzed World Series Champion .After looking for some long as being able to take his first WSS Championship David Murcott was second and James McFadden third.

The final points for the top 5 WSS :

Brooke Tatnell 1st 3086, David Murcott 2nd 3059, James McFadden 3046, Steven Lines 2869, Kyle Hirst 2852

Brooke Tatnell

Brooke Tatnell


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Steven Lines wins at Albany , Murcott still leads Championship

Steven Lines wins at Albany , Murcott still leads Championship

The defending World Series Champion Steven Lines and his Halls Motorsports Team continued their charge to retain their title with their win in round 9 at Atwell Speedway Albany Western Australia .Coming on top of his round 8  his chances of retaining his title look a little stronger with three rounds remaining.

Steven Lines after his Albany win

Steven Lines after his Albany win

The Albany meet saw the return to World Series of Ryan Farrell for the first time since serving his suspension over drug use that forced the West Aussie to have a break from the sport .It did not take Farrell long to reminded the WSSC boys of his special talent when he went fastest during the qualifying time trials.
At the back end of the Championship every point is vital and with the finals rounds set in the West strong challenges from locals will ensure the task is more than a little difficult for the contracted drivers and particularly the top three in the Title chase, Murcott, Tatnell and the King of the West Champion Kyle Hirst , they all want this Title.
The top 8 shootout would settle the starting position for the A main. The locally based Halls Motorsports Team with Lines at the wheel took the shootout from Farrell and Hirst who had raced his Monte Motorsports W17 from P7 to P3.

The salute to the crowd at Albany round 9 WSSC

The salute to the crowd at Albany round 9 WSSC

Staging for the 30 Lap A Main and the race cars did their customary 4 wide salute to the crowd .The next lap the drivers moved into their starting position and headed to the green.
Lines, Farrell and Hirst headed the field and with 4 laps in the lapped traffic started to add excitement and drama to the race .Could Farrell take advantage and get past the defending Champion. Farrell tried to take advantage of the traffic but could not get close enough to throw down the challenge .Lines always had his measure. Kyle Hirst was also looking for his chance as he hot footed through the traffic after the two leaders.
Lines stayed in control and went flag to flag to post his second WSSC win for 2014/15 and improve his point’s position. Ryan Farrell’s second leaves no doubt that even with his limited race schedule he is one of the best around .Kyle Hirst followed up his Classic win at Warnambool with the final Albany podium.
David Murcott still holds the lead in the series after his 7th place finish and Brooke Tatnell’s 9th enough for KMS driver to hold onto his second place .Kyle Hirst is in third only 100 points behind Murcott.Murcott Albany
James McFadden after crossing in 4th place rolled during the slow down lap but was not injured. The team now head to Perth and the Motorplex for round 10 tonight and the top contenders and their points are.
Murcott 2372, Tatnell 2322, Hirst 2272. McFadden 2217, Lines 2086

The complete results for round 9 30 Lap World Series 
1 W 3 Steve Lines

2 W 26 Ryan Farrell

3 W 17 Kyle Hirst

4 NQ 25 James McFadden

5 T 10 Ian Madsen

6 W 69 Shaun Bradford

7 A 1 David Murcott

8 V 35 Jamie Veal

9 W 2 Brooke Tatnell

10 S 27 Daniel Pestka

11 W 49 Ryan Jones

12 W 90 Daniel Keen

13 Q 7 Robbie Farr

14 N 78 Andrew Wright

15 W 12 Daniel Harding

16 W 45 Daryl Clayden

17 Q 75 Darren Jensen

18 W 46 Lee Nash

DNF W 53 Matt Egel

DNF NQ 42 Brent Aprile
This World Series report is brought to you by  the February isssue of Flat Out the only magazine for all your Sprint and Midgetl racing from the US.Available in Australia on line visit our Flat Out page A7.95 delivered to your door by Australia .Secure payment via Palpay


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Steven Lines back on top after WSSC Round 8 win

Steven Lines back on top after WSSC Round 8 win at Murray Bridge Speedway

The defending World Series Champion Steven Lines stormed back to top form with his win at round 8 of the World Series Sprintcar at Murray Bridge Speedway.
Round 8, 43 cars are signed in for the show and the visiting Americans have a strong presence with Kyle Hirst fresh from his Classic win, Danny Holtgraver, Terry McCarl and Randy Hannagan.

McFadden,Lines ,Murcott at Murry Bridge  Pic credit WSSC

McFadden,Lines ,Murcott at Murry Bridge
Pic credit WSSC

Heading the points into the round Brooke Tatnell held a slight margin over David Murcott and the Californian Kyle Hirst. Ryan Jones was first into the spotlight when he posted the quick time for qualifying from Steven Lines and Brooke Tatnell. Disappointing times were posted by both McFadden and Jamie Veal 29th and 30th on the time sheets.
The Shootouts settled the first four rows of the A-Main grid with the top three series point scorers of Tatnell, Murcott and Kyle Hirst filling the first two rows with Steven Lines starting out of third.

The American presence was hardly notices once Hirst was out on lap 2 after the Milwaukee Tools #17 made contact with Daniel Pestka in the back straight, Pestka would restart but Hirst’s night was over.

Murcott and Tatnell would argue over the lead in the 30 lap A Main, first one then the other would command the race lead. The pair would surrender their leading positions as Lines in the Halls Motorsports entry took advantage of race traffic around the tight Murray Bridge track to lock in the race lead with pace and confidence not seen so far this series from the defending Champ..
Murcott continued to chase Lines but Tatnell would start to fall back into the chasing pack with steering box problems .The expat Aussie would eventually finish in 5th place happy for those vital Championship points.

Charging through the pack from his 13th starting position was James McFadden but his forceful run would stop behind Murcott the National Champ .McFadden would continue to press Murcott for the runner up position but the National Champ had the position and would not yeal to the charging McFadden and the pair would crossed behind a delighted Lines . The win was welcome return to form by the defending Champion but sitting 389 points behind new series leader Murcott might be too much to recover. World Series Sprintcars have 4 rounds to run before the 2015 Champion is crowned.

After a disappointing and winless Series so far Lines was elated to be back in the Championship race and post race his comments showed his relief.
Steven Lines:

Steven Lines wins again

Steven Lines wins again

“”We’ve had some pretty bad luck over this series but that’s the way it goes, We were very, very lucky last year and had some very good runs, so you have to take the good with the bad, and thankfully I have some really good people around me who’ve tried to get me back up and given me a great car every night so I’m very thankful and hopefully we can make a bit of a run on it from here on.”

The next race in the series is in Albany, Western Australia and the top five heading to round 9 are:

Murcott 2139, Tatnell 2115, Hirst 2000, McFadden 1956, Lines 1750

Most of the World Series Teams will stop over at Speedway City on Satrurday night January 31st for the George Tatnell Cup .

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American’s best racing down under top stuff.

American’s best racing down under top stuff.
Each year at this time we play host to many of the greats from right across the USA. Current and past USAC and Outlaw Champions hit the tracks from Auckland to Perth, Brisbane to Sydney with stops in between in Victoria and South Australian.
What more could race fans want the very best of the Outlaws headed by Donny Schatz, Daryn Pittman and Brad Sweet.

Donny Schatz on his way to winning the  Sprintcar National Open in Brisbane  Credit Ben Graham

Donny Schatz on his way to winning the Sprintcar National Open in Brisbane
Credit Ben Graham

KWS Champion Kyle Hirst, Tim and Brent Kaeding, the Wild Child Jac and son Sheldon Hudenschild .Danny Holtgraver and Danny Heskin.
If this is not an awesome line up then add returning Aussie racers like our fabulous Madsen brothers Kerry and Ian , Lynton Jeffery and Glen Saville .and of course Brooke Tatnell .

Australians who have raced with success during the past year who will  benefit from that experience are Jamie Veal, James McFadden . Sprintcar field across every Speedway in the Country will see fields that would rival any US event

There will be a US sprintcar driver at a track somewhere in Australian over the holiday period and the reason they come across the Pacific in their off season is so they can keep their race skills at the highest possible level for the start of the 2015 American season coast to coast.

The competition they face down under in New Zealand and Australia is fierce, no quarter given or asked for and the victory lane is where they all want to park it!

Donny Schatz has been just unbelievable winning each of the six main events staged by in Brisbane and promoted by master promoter John Kelly. Brad Sweet has been the one to beat at Sydney’s Valvoline Speedway .Events like the World Series Sprintcars, the Scott Darley Challenge and possibly the biggest Sprintcar event in Australia the Lucas Oil Grand Annual Classic at Premier Speedway Warnambool will bring more exciting and ground rumbling sensations to Australian race fans.

Brad Sweet  Ruhs Bros Motorsports at the National Open Brisbane  Pic credit Ruhn Bros

Brad Sweet Ruhs Bros Motorsports at the National Open Brisbane
Pic credit Ruhn Bros

Schatz’s most recent win the National Sprintcar Open last night in Brisbane while underlining Schatz special talent it also showed the class of local Australian Sprintcar driver with McFadden and Veal beating home no less than 5 World of Outlaw winners .
USAC and POWRi Speedcar drivers have also cross the Pacific and have started their down under tour in New Zealand .The current USAC Champions Rico Abreu, Darren Hagan the 2014 Chili Bowl and past USAC Sprint Champ Bryan Clauson head a team that includes Tracey Hines, the peoples Champ Dave Darland and the popular ex USAC Champ Jerry Coones Jr.

Hines in New Zealand  Credit Western Springs

Hines in New Zealand
Credit Western Springs

The International POWRI World Midge Championship series has concluded in New Zealand for the USAC guys andafter  a short break back in the States for the Chili Bowl they will again cross the Pacific and head to Archerfield in Brisbane for the Australian leg of the World Midget Champinship.Two shows in Brisbane and then they will head down into the magical Northern Rivers of NSW for two nights at the Lucas Oils Lismore Bull Ring .

Bryan Clauson has been Schatz like with  his domination of the New Zealand International Midget Series Clauson will head the points in the POWRi World Midget Championshipas the team head to Brisbane

Bryan Clauson and his United Truck Parts #39  car quite time before the big races in NZ Credit Bryan Clauson Racing

Bryan Clauson and his United Truck Parts #39 car quite time before the big races in NZ
Credit Bryan Clauson Racing

Joining the USAC Champions will be a team of New Zealand driver’s l Brad Mosen , Hayden William and Shayne Alach. Also touring but not part of the official NZ team, and you could well ask why is Michael Pickens driving for the Vernon and Vacey Race Team.

All of Australia’s best will be making their way to Brisbane and Lismore all hoping to see the Aussie flag flying over the Podium presentations. The racing will be tough but the Bull Ring at Lismore can be a challenge to all drivers

2013 USAC Champion Christopher Bell is expected to be in Australia at that time but as we go to press we understand he will be racing at Avalon Speedway in Sprintcar events and Grand National at Premier Speedway – Warnambool . Joining Bell will be 2013 World of Outlaws Champ Daryn Pittman .Big plus for the Sprintcars fans but a blow to all midget followers.

Race promoters, team owners and their sponsors should be given the biggest Hi five for their efforts in ensuring Australian Speedway fans get to witness the best of the best at tracks across our beautiful Country…

You can follow us on twitter or Facebook but if you like to have good read and keep up-to-date on all the Open Wheel action from the US then why not order the latest Flat Out Magazine from our site online from the Flat Out Page .Available in Australia and New Zealand NOW ! , secure payment via Palpay  flat out cover

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Daniel Harding is the 8th contracted driver for WSSC 2014/15

Young Western Australian Sprintcar driver Daniel Harding today was announced as the 8th contracted driver for the 2014/15 Enzed World Series Sprintcars for season 2014/15.
Harding a former award winner of the Speedway rising Start award has been racing since age 5 and this coming Enzed WSSC season will be his third aboard a howling horse powered Maxim Sprintcars.

Daniel Harding WA contracted driver WSSC  Pic credit WSSC

Daniel Harding WA contracted driver WSSC
Pic credit WSSC

Harding Racing with Daniel doing the steering ran the season with WSSC in 2013/14 without a contract and finished 12thbehind Series Champion Steven Lines but ahead of current Australian Champion David Murcott. Testimony to the young drivers’ talent.
Daniel joins a super field of seasoned racers under contract for the series .As the series moves around most of the country’s top drivers plus many of the touring American are sure to be part of many of the scheduled rounds

Daniel Harding

Daniel Harding

Currently the list of contracted drivers for 2014/15

Car # Name Team Nationality
NQ42 Brent Aprile Aprile Racing Full Profile…

W 12 Daniel Harding Harding Racing Full Profile…

Q 75 Darren Jensen Darren Jensen Racing Full Profile…

A1 David Murcott Dave Horrell Motorsport Full Profile…

S51 Dylan Jenkin Jenkin Racing Team Full Profile…

W 17 Kyle Hirst Monte Motorsports Full Profile…

T14 Mark House Mozzie Motorsports Full Profile…

W53 Matt Egel Muir Motorsport Full Profile…
The first round of the Enzed WSSC is scheduled for boxing Day night December 26 at the Perth Motorplex The series will visit tracks in South Australia, Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia. For 12 rounds with the grand finale to be held at Perth’s Motorplex.
Again in 2014 Sydney and Tasmania race fans will miss being included in the series,disappointing but race fans in those States are getting used to missing out

The Sponsors assisting Harding Racing during the 2014/15 Enzed WSSC Series are :
One Life Suicide Prevention, Rentco Transport Equipment Rentals, Jolly Good Auto Electrics, Tucker Time For Pets, Diesel Motors, GKR Transport, Hydraulink, Boilertronics, TLC Surface Treatment, Motorworld, Dirty Dog Eyewear, Asteel Powder Coaters, Supafit Seat Covers, Reac Systems, Revolution Racegear WSSC logo

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Kyle Hirst and Brooke Tatnell join King of Wings field Perth

Saturday night November 22nd Perth Motorplex race fan will get their first chance to see the 2014 King of the West Sprintcar Champion Kyle Hirst. The dual KWS Champion who hails from California will be running the Monte Motorsports Milwaukee Tools #WA17.

This is the transporter that will carry the Hirst Monte Motorsports race car pic credit Phil Jordison

This is the transporter that will carry the Hirst Monte Motorsports race car
pic credit Phil Jordison

Hirst will be joined by US based Aussie favorite the lad from San Soui in NSW Brooke Tatnell .

The powerful Kirkke Motorsports Team will provide the equipment again in 2014 so Tatnell can monster among other races the World Series Sprintcars.
Saturday night’s race in Perth will be the 33rd running of the Scardifields Smash Repairs “King of Wings “ , 40 laps of torrid racing can be expected .

Another to watch is Ryan Farrell, sensational local racer and seven times Western Australian Sprintcar Champion who has recently returned to the sport after a short time away. Never far from the front of any Sprintcar race Farrell can be expected to give nothing away to the visiting US based racers.

Along with Farrell the dark horse in the field might well be Shaun Bradford, seasoned racer who has figured strongly in WA Sprintcar shows this season.

Shaun Bradford #WA57

Shaun Bradford #WA57

Previous King of Wings champions in the field are Tatnell, Ryan Farrell, Ken Sartori, Jamie Maiolo and Mark Wells.

NOMINATONS for the Scardifields Smash repairs King of Wings
#2 Brooke Tatnell (NSW)
#7 Jeff Leisk
#8 David Priolo
#12 Daniel Harding
#17 Kyle Hirst (USA)
#18 Scott Reilly
#20 Ryan Lancaster
#21 Mark Wells
#24 Troy Beckingham
#26 Ryan Farrell
#32 Jake Beard-Miller
#41 Cameron Gessner
#45 Daryl Clayden
#46 Lee Nash
#49 Ryan Jones (SA)
#50 Ken Sartori
#51 Jason Pryde
#56 Kris Coyle
#57 Shaun Bradford
#73 Callum Williamson
#77 Bradley Maiolo
#82 Steven Ford
#87 Carl Dowling
#89 Kye Scroop
#90 Daniel Keen
#92 Jason Kendrick
#93 Shane Norris
#99 Jamie Maiolo

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KWS Champ Kyle Hirst signed for World Series Sprintcars

World Series Sprintcars latest Monte Motorsports signed Kyle Hirst

Kyle Hirst Monte Motorsports

Kyle Hirst Monte Motorsports

The latest news out of Adelaide the home of World Series Sprintcars was the announcement that Luch Monte of Monte Motorsports had secured the signature of the King of the West Sprintcar Champion Kyle Hirst to run as a contracted driver for the WDDC for 2-14/15 .
The Californian based racers, a dual KWS Champion 2013 and 2014 will join up with the powerful Monte Motorsports Team backed by Milwaukee Power Tools, with support from Kaeding Performance, BMRS, Factory Kahne, Prosser Toyota and Lucas Oil Product.
Hirst has previous experience racing down under with wins coming in Victorian Sprintcar Championship last January and two wins in the Australian All Star Series.

Hirt's Monte Motorsports ride for WSSC  2014/5

Hirt’s Monte Motorsports ride for WSSC 2014/5

In the US Hirst is contracted to the leading Sprintcar Team Roth Motorsports. The team drivers are David Gravel in the WoO and Kyle Hirst in the West Coast racing programs.
Hirst joins,
World Series Contracted Driver as at November 13th
NQ42 Brent Aprile Aprile Racing Full Profile…

David Murcott Dave Horrell Motorsport Full Profile…

S51 Dylan Jenkin Jenkin Racing Team Full Profile…

W 17 Kyle Hirst Monte Motorsports Full Profile…

T14 Mark House Mozzie Motorsports Full Profile…

W53 Matt Egel Muir Motorsport Full Profile…
WSS Schedule
26 December 2014
Round 1
Speedway City
Speedway City is the largest and fastest dirt track complex in South Australia. Owned and Managed by Wendy Turner and partner Bob Sincock with over 40 years of combined Speedway experience….

27 December 2014
Round 2
Murray Bridge Speedway
Murray Bridge is an easy 45-minute drive from the edge of the Adelaide metropolitan area along a divided four-lane freeway. The speedway is accessed by taking the first exit into Murray Bridge off…

28 December 2014
Round 3
Borderline Speedway
Borderline Speedway is located in Mount Gambier, home of the Kings Challenge and a city surrounded by craters, caves, sinkholes and the world famous Blue Lake. The picturesque Borderline…

30 December 2014
Round 4
Avalon Raceway
Avalon Raceway first opened in the summer of 1976 which saw the dream of brothers Doug and Norm Drew come true. Both had been active drivers around the region and with the closure of Torquay…

1 January 2015
Round 5 – Speedweek GF
Premier Speedway
The annual Speedweek mini-series culminates in the picturesque Victorian town of Warrnambool on New Year’s Day in front of large and vocal crowds. First settled in the 1840’s, Warrnambool is…

4 January 2015
Round 6
Archerfield Speedway
Ausdeck Patios Archerfield Speedway is located adjacent to Archerfield Airport near Brisbane in picturesque Queensland. The second Brisbane round of World Series Sprintcars is set to be a 2…

9 & 10 January 2015
Round 7 – Australian Open
Archerfield Speedway
Ausdeck Patios Archerfield Speedway is located adjacent to Archerfield Airport near Brisbane in picturesque Queensland. The second Brisbane round of World Series Sprintcars is set to be a 2…

30 January 2015
Round 8
Murray Bridge Speedway
Murray Bridge is an easy 45-minute drive from the edge of the Adelaide metropolitan area along a divided four-lane freeway. The speedway is accessed by taking the first exit into Murray Bridge off…

6 February 2015
Round 10

7 February 2015
Round 11
Perth Motorplex
The Perth Motorplex, Kwinana Beach is conveniently located in Perth’s southern suburbs less than 30 minutes from the City centre. Opened in December 2000, the multi million dollar facility has…

11 February 2015
Round 12
Quit Bunbury Speedway
Bunbury Car Club operates from the Quit Bunbury Speedway, which is situated on the North Boyanup Road, near the Bunbury Airport.

21 February 2015
Round 13 – Grand Final
Perth Motorplex
The Perth Motorplex, Kwinana Beach is conveniently located in Perth’s southern suburbs less than 30 minutes from the City centre. Opened in December 2000, the multi million dollar facility has…WSSC logo

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October4 and Speedway down under is new and fresh

The paint jobs are fantastic, engines rebuilt and team invigorated for the opening rounds of Speedway after the winter break down under.

Sydney Valvoline Speedway credit

Sydney Valvoline Speedway credit

New owners ready to bring a new approach to Sydney and the Valvoline Speedway. Track renovations that give the long suffering but loyal race fans better facilities across the venue .The excitement builds and the time to start those engines and get into the action is near, Saturday October 4th it all restarts at Sydney, Brisbane and Murray Bridge. Before you can catch your breath Speedways across the Country will be back entertaining race fans and with your lungs well and truly rested , your thunderous cheers for you favorite driver will bring back what has been missing throughout the winter close down .

Big show featuring World Series Sprintcars, the 10th running of the POWRi Speedcar Super Series and the second year of the Speedcar Pro Series.
The US season is now into the back end of the season and Australian and New Zealand fans will get the opportunity to see firsthand some of America’s best..

Danny Holtgraver just one of heavt hitter from the USA heading down under

Danny Holtgraver just one of heavt hitter from the USA heading down under

The exodus at season ends of many of the US starts is just another gift that Speedway promoter brings to satisfy the appetite of the locals.
The POWRi World Midget Championship that will run in Brisbane Lismore and New Zealand and we  will see USAC and Chili Bowl Champ Bryan Clauson along with Tracey Hines head the US challenge .Kraige Kinser will travel to Western Spring with the adopted Kiwi Jonathan Allard where they will be pitted against New Zealand’s best. Add Robbie Farr and former Australian and World Series Champ James McFadden for one hell of a challenge.

A new track surface is being laid at Western Springs for the new season

Western spring get a new raceing surface  Pic credit Western Springs

Western spring get a new raceing surface
Pic credit Western Springs

New cars, new drivers and great new liveries will make this season one of the best for many years. No matter where you live, Speedways are firing back up for your enjoyment and we will bring you all the results that matter, news when it happens. Australia, New Zealand and the USA we are Talking Speedway.

Great livery on the Bennett Motorsports car in WA that Mark Brown will run the Speedcar Pro Series

Great livery on the Bennett Motorsports car in WA that Mark Brown will run the Speedcar Pro Series

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