Engine problems for Kingshott in US debut

Kingshott ready in pits fayette

17,831 Km that’s a long, long way from Perth to Brownstown, Illinois.  and made even more distant when your racecar decides to host some friendly gremlins that creates engines problems for you .Kingshott at Layette

Kingshott Racing’s Dwayne Kin.gshott was terribly disappointed when the W24 would not fire and run after returning to the pits from hot lapping and forcing the Western Australian to miss his maiden start in the US and any chance of a start in his first US feature.

Brimming with Aussie pride the team will have to wait until their second schedule even at Macon Speedway on Saturday night before measuring their skill against the Americans.

Disappointed no doubt the team will regroup overnight and be ready to tackle the POWRi teams at Macon Speedway Saturday (US times) .Consigned to the role of spectator Kingshott had valuable time to analyze and rate and his competition.

The race was won by Carson Macedon, his first Midget win over Zach Daum and team mate Tanner Thorson. Zach Daum had the Red Toyota #5 cracking and blazed his way into second by the time the checker was waved.Macedo’s win was his first for Keith Kunz Motorsports in the Toyota powered Bullet #71K Midget..Carson Macedo winner

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