Jamie Veal’s next two dates with the Outlaws

Veal Eldora pit

                                                     Jamie Veal’s next two dates with the Outlaws

The Warnambool wizard Jamie veal will make his next World of Outlaw appearance this Friday at the Bob Morgan Classic at Plymouth Speedway and then Veal will back up on the Saturday night at Tri State Speedway. The two nights sees Jamie Veal right in the middle of the Hoosier State.Jamie veal’s Indy Race Parts team have been busy building a new race car after Jamie had an unfortunate incident on the last lap at Eldora which destroyed the Indy Race Parts race car..Jamie Veal 71 Indy Parts ride

Championship leader heading into Plymouth Brad Sweet looks likely to become the first Outlaw in 2016 to top the US$100,000.00 mark. Sweet sits on top of the points and money list with earning of US$98,300.00 but is closely followed by Schatz with US$93,400.00.

In his two appearances with the Outlaws Veal has made both a Mains and with a new car under him and improving confidence Veal’s chances should not be overlooked .A time back home in Australia Veal have taken on and beaten many of the Outlaws but on unfamiliar tracks the task becomes a little harder.

Joining Veal in the field will be the man of the moment Kerry Madsen after taking the Outlaws apart with two huge wins last week end at Eldora

Madsen boom



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