World Series Sprintcars 30 years Old

The 30th running of World Series Sprintcars this weekend

 World Series Sprintcars still strong after 30 years will open its 2016/7 Championship season on Saturday night at Murray Bridge Speedway in South Australia.The Speedway is looking good after recent storms and is ready to host some exciting races murray-bridge-speedway

The Premier Sprintcar series features 5 former Champions with 14 titles between them. Currently the nomination are up to 34 .With competing series the USCS also running events the pressure on numbers was to be expected..

Monte Motorsports this year has changed drivers and will chase the Championship with two times winner and former Australian Champion James McFadden. McFadden has had impressive start to his association with Milwaukee Power Tools/Monte Motorsports Team since taking the seat over Californian Kyle Hirst.mcfadden17

The nine times Champion Brooke Tatnell return with the Kirrke Team and will be looking for that 10th Championship .After solid 5th last week end at Warnambool Tatnell the US based Australian will carry the memory of team Principal Shane Krikke with him as he suits up for each round of the Championship .The W2 is looking sharp and fast.tatnell-krikke2

Defending Champion Jamie Veal with another strong tour of the USA under his belt is going to be tough to beat and he battle for Championship honors between Veal, McFadden and lines and Tatnell is sure to be a highlight of the 30th year.

South Australia might be the City of Churches but Saturday night it will be the City of Speedway .Murray Bridge Speedway will be the only place to be on Saturday night.

Photos credits Murray Bridge Speedway,Monte Motorsports and Krikke Motorsports/Brad Fatrat Steele,


S2 Craig Vanderstelt

W2 Brooke Tatnell – 9 time champion

W3 Steven Lines – former champion

NT4 Jamie McInnes

S4 Lisa Walker

Q7 Robbie Farr – former champion

S7 Hayden Pitt

S10 Steven Caruso

W12 Daniel Harding

S13 Brock Hallett

S14 Brendan Quinn

W14 Jason Pryde

S15 Aidan Hall

W17 James McFadden – 2 time champion

S19 Brad Keller

Q21 Jordyn Brazier

S22 Chad Ely

S24 Ricky Maiolo

S27 Daniel Petska

Q32 Lachlan McHugh

S33 Mark Caruso

V35 Jamie Veal – defending champion

V52 Darren Mollenoyux

S45 Jake Tranter

S55 Luke Bowey

S63 Ryan Jones

S71 Sam Putland

N78 Andrew Wright

S78 Keke Falland

S81 Luke Dillon

S88 Todd Wigzell

S96 Brendan Guerin

S97 Matt Egel

S98 Justin Sloan

Total = 34

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