Just give us a fair go Premier!

Dear Premier

The NSW voters are made up of many different types with many different needs and requirements and for your Government to satisfy all theirs needs must be a very difficult and demanding task.

Many follow Football, NRL AFL Cricket all very well-funded and supported codes. A much lesser number of us follow Speedway but Speedway is just as important in their lives as Football, Cricket and the many other Sports that form part of our entertainment.

The recent announcement that your Government will acquire the site that the Valvoline Raceway sits on is devastating to the followers of Speedway while your Government spends Billions on new facilities for other codes! Speedway appears to be way down on your list of priority. Promoters and fans might not have the dollar muscle of the other sports that forces you to act but we have many votes when it comes to an election.

Photo credit Valvoline Raceway

Speedway in Sydney has been a tradition handed down and enjoyed by generations of families .Most of our facilities have been taken from us in the name of progress and the big end of Town is in there with their deep pockets with little interest in what these decisions mean for the local Speedway fan. There are thousands of fans all voters who can decide the fate of your or any Government particularly when they feel they are being ignored and don’t matter. The difference between being in Government and opposition can be a very small number of votes in crucial seats

The recent reply of the Honorable Mr. lees the Acting Minister for Sport to a question in Parliament  from the Opposition Leader was less than convincing and builds fear in the minds of Speedway fans and Valvoline Raceway that the Government is not really committed to building a new facility by 2021 or what ever date you decide to take over the site .

Do you or any of your Government understand the benefits that Speedway brings to both the National and State economies, Mr. Lees appears not to.

Sydney Speedways fans ,have lost most all of their Speedways venues over time with almost no support from Government to replace them .They have been pushed out of Sydney and in the last 60 odd years we have lost the Sportsground Speedway the Showground Speedway, Westmead Speedway and  Liverpool Speedway .Of course there were many  others before these closures .

What do the Speedway fans want, just a fair goes and some certainty for the future of our Sport in Sydney. By now I guess you have either binned this email or maybe handed it down to an under Secretary to reply in typical Government waffle, I hope not!

Your Government made a very public commitment, you can’t blame us lacking trust in your commitment. 

This email will be posted on my Speedway web sites and on my social media platforms.

Just give us a fair go Premier!

Thank you,

David Platt


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