Kerry Madsen “Booommm , A 1, what an honor “

Kerry Madsen A1 2016 Pic credit :Lucas Oils

Kerry Madsen A1 2016
Pic credit :Lucas Oils

Warnambool Vic.

Kerry Madsen showed the wealth of Outlaw experience gained over the years he and his Keneric Team have pounded the Outlaw tour across the US . This was the edge he needed to win his second Australian Sprintcar Championship.
The two days of qualifying around the Premier Speedway high banks suggested the race would be between Madsen, Tatnell, Veal and defending Champion Dave Murcott.
Another massive crowd surged into the speedway to watch Australia’s best challenge for that A1 Plate. With overseas entries prohibit this is truly a race of Australia’s best, no Americans required.
Tatnell did everything thing possible in trying to record his 6th Title .Winning his qualifying Feature on the first night over Kerry Madsen and then setting up his pole start by beating Madsen again in the A Dash.

Four wide Warnambool credit : Lucas Oils

Four wide Warnambool
credit : Lucas Oils

Before the start S19 Keller pulled infield which allowed former 6 times champ Garry Brazier his opportunity to join the pack as first reserve.The start of the Championship decider got off to a predictable start, with adrenalin pumping right through their bodies and down to the right foot the start was undone when Robbie Farr NQ7 spun with Lines, Lacey ending up alongside .Before the race had completed the opening lap V40 Belliman,W12 Harding and V70 Vogel joined Keller on the infield .
When the field finally got away and the 54th Title chase begun.Tatnell was first out and set a fast early pace .The chasers settled into their rhythm as Tanell held the point for the first 10 laps of the 40 lap decider .It was at this point that Madsen made the championship winning move into the lead and from that point was never headed.Brooke Tanell finished second and Jamie Veal 3rd Scott Dillon WA fourth and the defending and outgoing Champion Dave Murcott 5th

After the race Kerry Madsen spoke briefly to the Warnambool Standard, excited with his win the Australian Outlaws said

“Brooke set a quick early pace so I knew it was going to be a battle,” Madsen said.
“The car stayed consistent and it is great to win for everyone who has put so much work in.” Later in a tweet Madsen posted “Booommm , A 1, what an honor “and that said it all.
Let’s hope that they put the A1 on the car for the Outlaw season as this would be a fantastic image for Sprintcar fans and his team sponsors in Australia and US as they follow his 2106 season. So let’s wrap the Keneric Racing /American Racing Custom Wheels with AUSTRALIA 1.
A second Title for the boy from St Marys NSW and this time the Championship ring, not available back in 203 when he won his maiden Australian Title.

Oval Express picture

Oval Express picture

54th Australian Sprintcar Championship Results : N29 Madsen, W2 Tatnell, V35 Veal, W26 Dillon, A1 Murcott , : – W3 Lines, V37 Anderson, N92 Walsh, ACT18 Madsen, S97 Egel ,  – N7 Bellbowen, W57 Bradford, V88 Pestka, V77 Mollenoyux, NT21 Karpenko , – V3 Loudoun, W11 Kendrick, N21 Brazier, W77 Maiolo, V26 Lacey , – V70 Vogels, W12 Harding, V40 Bellman, NQ7 Farr

54th aus sprintcar champs

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