Mac Again, at Warnambool!

Mac! Again, at Warnambool

After his poor early start to the WSS Series James McFadden scored his second win on the trot last night at Premier Speedway down in beautiful Warnambool beating Grant Anderson and US Import Corey Eliason. Controversy is never too way away in the big money sprintcar shows and last night was no exception.

After grabbing the early lead Madsen caught lapped traffic after five laps , first there was an encounter with Jake Tranter and that offered up an opportunity for McFadden to pounce and pounce he did with a slider for the lead but at that pace judgement is critical , misjudge by centimeters and contact is made .

McFadden apologized after the race, accidents happen in racing and now the Teams regroup and ready themselves for the long haul from Victoria to Queensland for four rounds at Brisbane’s Archerfield Speedway then heading further North to The Garden City of Toowoomba and then across to Maryborough. A tough journey of some two Thousand kilometers.

Round Five Results

Sprintcar A-Main (35 laps No Time): 1st W17 James McFadden; 2nd V37 Grant Anderson; 3rd W26 Cory Eliason; 4th V90 Corey McCullagh; 5th V25 Jack Lee; 6th V55 Brooke Tatnell; 7th W60 Lachlan McHugh; 8th V60 Jordyn Charge; 9th T22 Jock Goodyer; 10th V88 David Murcott; 11th USA5w Lucas Wolfe; 12th V3 Darren Mollenoyux; 13th V42 Jye O’Keeffe; 14th S45 Jake Tranter; 15th W25 Taylor Milling; 16th S14 Brendan Quinn (DNF); 17th V70 John Vogels (DNF); 18th W2 Kerry Madsen (DNF); 19th V77 Brayden Parr (DNF); 20th S13 Brock Hallett (DNF).

McFadden leads the Series on 1283 from Eliason 1237 with Kerry Madsen dropping to third on 1184.Brock Hallett sits fourth on 1107 and Brooke Tatnell on 1021

Photo Credit World Series Sprintcars and Monte Monte Motorsports Sprintcar Team

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