Kingshott is 6th but Bayston wins Macon

KIngshott ready at Macon

Macon Speedway Illinois was the second of 13 races on the Kingshott racings tour and after the disappointment of the gremlin invaded Esslinger at Fayette Speedwaythe team had the #24 cracking during hot laps.

Dyane Kingshott was pushed out for heat 2 and his first go at the POWRi pack. Kingshott drove with caution aware that the cushion at Macon is fast and has been the undoing of many as they worked the cushion to the limit. Kingshott finished fourth and was guaranteed his first Main event on only his second try.

Starting well back in 15th position Kingshott  manage his race carefully in the face of at least 12 cautions. Aggressive driving, tangles and loops were the order of the day with the Fayette winner Macedo the first to cause a stoppage when he spun on the opening lap.

Bayston was the early leader but it was not  long before Robinson ,Dum and Brown tangled  pushing Daum to the rear of the field for the restart.Daum was the charger working his way back as high as third before again getting involved in other drivers problems that would end his night .

Kingshott with drama all around  remained calm taking advantage of others misfortunes to gradually move through the field.Kingshott’s night was almost undone when Neumann and King got together forcing Kingshott and the recovering Macedo to spin to protect both their cars and their race chances

With just 7 laps left to race Kingshott had moved into the top 10 and by race end would secure a sixth place finish in his first US Feature.While all the drama was happening around Kingshott Spencer Bayston had cleared out and was unchallenged to record another win for the Kunz Toyota Team. It was a successful two nights for the Toyota boys with Macedo winning at Fayette and now Bayston on top at Macon.Bayston wins Macon

While KKM took the honors the boy from Bunbury Western Australia will head to race three of his US tour  Montpellier Motor Speedway full of confidence  and enthusiasm when he meets up with the USAC team and POWRi drivers  in Montpellier for six nights of successive racing starting May 31,

The full race results from Macon Speedway’s POWRI show

Macon results


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Engine problems for Kingshott in US debut

Kingshott ready in pits fayette

17,831 Km that’s a long, long way from Perth to Brownstown, Illinois.  and made even more distant when your racecar decides to host some friendly gremlins that creates engines problems for you .Kingshott at Layette

Kingshott Racing’s Dwayne Kin.gshott was terribly disappointed when the W24 would not fire and run after returning to the pits from hot lapping and forcing the Western Australian to miss his maiden start in the US and any chance of a start in his first US feature.

Brimming with Aussie pride the team will have to wait until their second schedule even at Macon Speedway on Saturday night before measuring their skill against the Americans.

Disappointed no doubt the team will regroup overnight and be ready to tackle the POWRi teams at Macon Speedway Saturday (US times) .Consigned to the role of spectator Kingshott had valuable time to analyze and rate and his competition.

The race was won by Carson Macedon, his first Midget win over Zach Daum and team mate Tanner Thorson. Zach Daum had the Red Toyota #5 cracking and blazed his way into second by the time the checker was waved.Macedo’s win was his first for Keith Kunz Motorsports in the Toyota powered Bullet #71K Midget..Carson Macedo winner

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Kingshott flies the Aussie flag at POWRi

 Kingshott flies the Aussie flag at POWRiaussie flag

Western Australian Speedcar hot shot Dayne Kingshott has arrived in the US and will start his US racing tour this Friday night at Fayette Country Speedway in Brownstown Illinois.KIngshott

Facing a totally new track and  the force of the Keith Kunz Motorsports team Kingshott is sure to receive a full on welcome to midget racing with the POWRi pack.

First up facing Tanner Thorson and Zach Daum will be a tough assignment but the Bunbury” Buster” is campaign tough from races across Australia on a variety of different tracks.

Kingshott will be right in the middle of points clash between the leading POWRi National contenders Daum, Thorson and Felker and these guys will not want the Aussie intruder to milk points from them.

With a fresh race car under him and the energy and excitement this first up race will deliver I am expecting Dayne Kingshott to turn a few heads as powers out for his introduction laps in front of the Fayette crowd.

We will keep race fans up to date with all of Dayne Kingshott’s results as he works his way through this Midget Tour of POWRi and USAC Midget Shows.After this first up race at Fayette Speedway  the team will move across to Macon Speedway and do it all again.



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Tanner Thorson drives KKM back to the top

  Tanner Thorson drives KKM back to the top

Night one of the Missouri Mid-State Midget NationalsThorson wins at Grain Valley

With a new squad of young drivers the Keith Kunz Motorsports Toyota Team was back in race winning form at the POWRI West and National Mid Missouri Midget Nationals. As lead driver for the team Thorson set the example at the highest level starting the weekend on the front foot claiming the opening night at Grain Valley.

Thorson settled into his task aboard the Keith Kunz/Curb-Agajanian Motorsports Toyota-powered Bullet  from his 12th starting position .The #67 Bullet with Thorson pressing the pedal slowly gather up the field and was in the race lead by lap 9 after running down the bottom to pass Zach  Daum and team mate Spencer Bayston.

By lap 14 Bayston’s chosen top grove finally proved a good decision and he passed Thorson into the race lead. Thorson continued to lead up until lap 18 as the pair race side by side with Bayston claiming the top and Thorson working the bottom. Lap 21 and Thorson finally reclaimed the race lead. Daum left it right to the last corner to make his move into second pushing young Bayston back into the final podium position.This was big return to form for the 5 car KKM team with all drivers making the Main event.

The KKM Team relaxing at Missouri

The KKM Team relaxing at Missouri

Driver interviews,

“I can’t thank these guys enough,” stated Tanner Thorson.  “Keith, Pete, Big Al, Chuckie, all the guys in the pits.  They work their butts off.  We have five cars out here, so it gets pretty hectic in the pits.  It was getting pretty frustrating to not win a race in so long.  It feels pretty good to win this race.”

“I just couldn’t chalk up like they could on the bottom, especially off three,” explained Zach Daum.  “That was really the only spot I could see they were beating us at.  The cushion went almost off the track in turn four.  It wasn’t terrible, I just hate getting beat by those guys.  We haven’t won a race yet all year.”

“In the beginning, my line was good, then his burnt up and then my line burnt up,” said Spencer Bayston.  “It was disappointing.  There at the end, we just got beat.  My line burnt up and then I was out of ideas.  He had that bottom rolling pretty well.  He’s a good driver and he’s a lot of fun to race with, but I hate losing.”

 Night one Grain Valley

POWRi Lucas Oil National Midget Series Feature Results (30 laps): 1. 67 – TANNER THORSON  2. 5D – ZACH DAUM  3. 97 – SPENCER BAYSTON  4. 91T – TYLER THOMAS  5. 27 – TUCKER KLAASMEYER  6. 71K – CARSON MACEDO  7. 72 – GRADY CHANDLER  8. 8 – ALEX SEWELL  9. 88 – TERRY BABB  10. 11A – ANDREW FELKER  11. 11C – CHETT GEHRKE  12. 93K – RILEY KRIESEL  13. 73 – JASON MCDOUGAL  14. 71 – RYAN ROBINSON  15. 67K – HOLLY SHELTON  16. 1K – BRAYTON LYNCH  17. 28 – KORY SCHUDY  18. 7 – AUSTIN BROWN  19. 5X – JUSTIN PECK  20. 3N – JAKE NEUMAN  21. 82M – STEVEN SHEBESTER  22. 4M – MICHELLE DECKER  23. 52 – ANDREW DEAL  24. 17E – BLAKE EDWARDS

Night two of the Missouri Mid-state midget National  was actually Tanners Thorson birthday and the  Minden Nevada youngster warped up his own birthday present with  dominating win from P7.Unlike the night one Thorson was untroubled in taking his 5th career National POWRI win. With Thorson setting the benchmark team mates Spencer Bayston and Carson Macedo stepped up to the challenge giving  the team a podium sweep confirming the confidence Keith Kunz has with this young Team.Holly Shelton

Holly Sheldon driving the 67K was up to 7th before a mistake dropped her back to 10th and Ryan Robinson finished 17th in the #71.This young squad could not be under a better guiding hand than that of Keith Kunz..The Illinois Speed  and the USAC Midget Weeks will be another opportunity for the Team to go to another level.

Driver interviews,

“This track is pretty sweet,” said Tanner Thorson.  “Keith and Big Al put an awesome car underneath me.  It’s pretty cool to be able to win on your birthday.  These guys have five cars out here.  It’s pretty crazy for these guys.  They work their butts off at the shop and we come out here and it gets pretty hectic sometimes, but it pays off.  ”

“It feels good,” Carson Macedo stated.  “I’m just really happy for this team.  For Keith to finish one, two, three is pretty awesome.  Just goes to show all the hard work they put in.  Everyone at Keith Kunz Motorsports works really hard for this.  I’m just glad to be a part of it.”Macedo

“I was really hoping after a strong run last night, we could get the win tonight, but hats off to Tanner and Carson,” said Spencer Bayston.  “I enjoy racing with these guys, I’ve gotten pretty close with both of them.”

Night two Wheatland results

POWRi Lucas Oil National Midget Series Feature Results (30 laps): 1. 67 – TANNER THORSON  2. 71K – CARSON MACEDO  3. 97 – SPENCER BAYSTON  4. 5X – JUSTIN PECK  5. 5D – ZACH DAUM  6. 91T – TYLER THOMAS  7. 27 – TUCKER KLAASMEYER  8. 11A – ANDREW FELKER  9. 67K – HOLLY SHELTON  10. 3N – JAKE NEUMAN  11. 4M – MICHELLE DECKER  12. 11C – CHETT GEHRKE  13. 8 – ALEX SEWELL  14. 7M – CHANCE MORTON  15. 21 – TY HULSEY  16. 5B – ARIEL BIGGS  17. 71 – RYAN ROBINSON  18. 7 – AUSTIN BROWN  19. 72 – GRADY CHANDLER  20. 1K – BRAYTON LYNCH  21. 17E – BLAKE EDWARDS  22. 73 – JASON MCDOUGAL  23. 89 – NICK BAILEYThorson Wheatland winner

Photos credits: POWRI & KKM,Holley Shelton racing,Carson Macedo Racing

The next POWRi National Midget show is Friday May 20th at Layette Country Speedway

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Disappointments and surprises at POWRi Midget Shows

Disappointments and surprises at POWRi Midget Shows

There were disappointments and surprises at the POWRi Midgets shows firstly at Valvoline Raceway Sydney Australia and at the two night shows at Jacksonville and Macon Speedways in Illinois .

The build up to the final round of the Lucas Oils POWRi Speedcar Super Series sponsored by Diamond Air Conditioning was full of enthusiasm and excitement .A field of 33 cars with the best from across Australia plus the appearance of current Western Springs Track Champion Hayden Williams added fuel to what was already a red hot field. Series Leader and defending Champion Nathan Smee, and four times Australian Champion Adam Clarke are just a part of the sensational field assembled.

Valvoline wet track

Valvoline wet track

The weather looked shaking early but prediction of it clearing could not have been more wrong and the heavens opened forcing promoters to call it off early .A decision on a reschedule date will be announced shortly.

Programming so late in the season might pose some problems but the immediate focus is on this Saturday night when the track will host the Carling 50 Lapper. This event is high on the agenda of all speedcar driver’s schedule with good prize money. The field will be strengthened by the addition of current Australian Champion  Michael Pickens in the Bret Morris owned car .To see the A1 go around will be sure to heighten the energy and determination of every Aussie keen to prevent the Kiwi rustler from capturing another of our prestige’s races .

The POWRi two night show in the States at Illinois opened with friday nights Jacksonville POWRi show. The show attracted all the top POWRi racers and the quality field was swamped by the invasion of a six car Keith Kunz Motorsports Team headed by the return of 2015 /16 Chili Bowl Champ and current NASCAR Truck racer  Rico Abreu.

Headed by Abreu and backed by Thorson, Bayston, Macedo, Robinson and Holly Shelton the program looked stacked in the KKM favour.Could anybody have ever expected the best the team could deliver over the two nights was a second to Bryan Clauson in the Jacksonville opener and  a best place of fourth to Rico Abreu over the two nights. It was not only the KKM team that found themselves beaten but also the former POWRi Champ and Chili Bowl place getter in 2016 Zach Daum .  Clauson’s win at Jacksonville was his 30th POWRi Lucas Oils win from 77 starts and his 44th race in his 2016 200 race schedule.

The Jacksonville  results.

Great Clips Feature Winner: 63 – Bryan Clauson

Bryan Clauson Jacksonville

Bryan Clauson Jacksonville

POWRi Lucas Oil National Midget Series Feature Results (30 laps): 1. 63 – Bryan Clauson 2. 67 -Tanner Thorson 3. 91T – Tyler Thomas 4. 97K – Rico Abreu 5. 5D – Zach Daum 6. 32 – Garrett Aitken 7. 11A – Andrew Felker 8. 11AG – Dave Darland 9. 97 – Spencer Bayston 10. 71 – Ryan Robinson 11. 3N – Jake Neuman 12. 5X – Justin Peck 13. 91 – Dereck King 14. 41 – Austin Prock 15. 7 – Austin Brown 16. 67K – Holly Shelton 17. 9K – Kyle Schuett 18. 1K – Brayton Lynch 19. 31 – David Budres 20. 22 – Andy Malpocker 21. 88 – Terry Babb 22. 56Y – Daniel Robinson 23. 71K – Carson Macedo

Most of the established stars got into the action at Jacksonville but the Macon results would have been a surprise, particularly the way Andrew Felker went about his work and rounding up some of the more fancied stars in his run to the checker and the Feature win.

It is not often, in fact very rare for the Kunz Team to miss out on major Hardware. The efforts of Tucker Klaasmeyer, Austin Brown to get their spots on the podium were a reward for some hard work in preparation and steely determination. Klaasmeyer’s second was a career best and Browns podium was his first for the year. The fourth placed finish by Justin Peck was a fine result after starting way back in position 15. It was a night when the BOSS Chassis really BOSSED the field.

Klaasmeyer and Brown's BOSS Cars

Klaasmeyer and Brown’s BOSS Cars

Drivers interviews after the Macon show ,


“I knew we had a good car, but [Tanner Thorson] was getting better restarts than me,” explained a victorious Andrew Felker.  “I knew we had a good car, just a matter of finding our time to make it.  It’s hard to beat Keith Kunz cars any night and to have all BOSS cars up here is pretty special.  Right now we’re fighting for our lives, we’re out of sponsorship, and so as long as we keep winning races, we’ll be out here every week.”


Tucker Klaasmeyer heading back to pits after 2nd at Macon

Tucker Klaasmeyer heading back to pits after 2nd at Macon


“I can’t thank KBR and BOSS Chassis enough,” said Tucker Klaasmeyer with a career-best second.  “The car was awesome and this is actually my best finish in a midget, which is pretty cool.”


“I knew it was going to be fast up top and it was,” Austin Brown said.  “Everybody kind of lined up, but we had to look out for all the wrecks, but we got through most of them.  Congrats to Andrew Felker on the win.”

The Macon results , .

Great Clips Feature Winner: 11A – ANDREW FELKER

Andrew Felker Macon

Andrew Felker Macon

POWRi Lucas Oil National Midget Series Feature Results (30 laps): 1. 11A – ANDREW FELKER 2. 27 – TUCKER KLAASMEYER 3. 7 – AUSTIN BROWN 4. 5X – JUSTIN PECK 5. 88 – TERRY BABB 6. 5D – ZACH DAUM 7. 97K – RICO ABREU 8. 32 – GARRETT AITKEN 9. 3N – JAKE NEUMAN 10. 41 – AUSTIN PROCK 11. 50 – DANIEL ADLER 12. 67 – TANNER THORSON 13. 56Y – DANIEL ROBINSON 14. 56X – MARK CHISHOLM 15. 67K – HOLLY SHELTON 16. 31 – DAVID BUDRES 17. 28 – KORY SCHUDY 18. 97 – SPENCER BAYSTON 19. 91 – DERECK KING 20. 9K – KYLE SCHUETT 21. 71 – RYAN ROBINSON 22. 71K – CARSON MACEDO 23. 91T – TYLER THOMAS

The next event on the POWRi Lucas Oils 2016 schedule is Bell-Clair Friday April 29th .

Photo credits Valvoline Raceway,POWRi , Klaasmeyer Racing

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POWRi midgets racing both side of the World

Friday and Saturday nights will be awakened by the sounds of the POWRi Midgets racing on both side of the World .Friday night at Jacksonville Speedway is the first of a two night schedule finishing on Saturday at Macon Speedway.

The Kunz team lined up at the Turnpike Challenge

The Kunz team lined up at the Turnpike Challenge

The POWRi fields at Jacksonville and Macon will be headed by the powerful Keith Kunz Motorsports Team with 2015 Chili Bowl and USAC Champion Rico Abreu making a rare but welcomed returns to the midget. Supporting Abreu will be Thorson, Macedo, Bayston, Holly Shelton and Robinson.

A six car invasion by Midgets most powerful and successful Team will not automatically guarantee top spot on the podium.The last POWRI meet at the Turnpike Challenge at Port Royal Speedway saw locals get the better of Tanner Thorson on both nights of the Challenge.

Saturday night down under at Valvoline Raceway the final round of the POWRi Lucas Oils Speedcar Super Series sponsored by Diamond Air-Conditioning .The final has attracted a field of 33 midgets with the entries from all States plus New Zealand .

Hayden Williams after winning the Barry Butterworth Classic

Hayden Williams after winning the Barry Butterworth Classic

The current Western Springs Track Champion Hayden Williams will cross the ditch to team up with Moree based team of CJR in the Q82 Mopar .Williams hardened by the his many tough campaigns at Western Springs and backed by recent US experiences will be difficult to beat .The past Western Springs season has catapulted the BMW Technician to the head of the NZ Speedcar standings. Williams is expected to stay on and race the following week in the annual 50 lapper when Michael Pickens will be back at Valvoline .

Heading into the series final defending Champion Nathan Smee cannot be beaten for the series but to get the final feature win he will need to overcome his biggest rival former national Champion Adam Clarke who is return after a short rest where his Jack Berry Racing Polar ice rocket has been refreshed.Smee, Williams and Clarke will have no shortage of challengers once qualifying is finished.

Speedcar super series logoDiamond logo ,jpg

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Dayne Kingshott targets POWRI USAC midget weeks.

Kingshott hot

Dayne Kingshott targets POWRI USAC midget weeks.


It’s a long hop from Perth to Indiana but the Kingshott Racing Team is ready to take on the best in the US as their driver Dayne Kingshott prepares to depart for his first racing tour of the USA.Kingshott Indania bound

With impressive Western Australian and National performances under his belt it times to take the Americans on at their home turf. Racing American imports and the best locals Kingshott dominated the first two year of the Speedcar Pro Series before its demise he attacked the Pro Speedcar Week with the same level of professional and despite early success and on top of the points after two rounds the bad luck, attack of the prelims or whatever you call it unloaded on the team during the latter part of the Pro Speedcar Week. Racing wheel to wheel with Darren Hagen the 2012 USAC Champ, Tyler Thomas and Austin Brown Kingshott knows the level he must reach.

The 2105 Pro Speedcar Week did not bring the success that the Kingshott Team would have expected .Traveling between Perth, Brisbane and Sydney the team is accustomed to the long road trips and busy racing schedules and that what faces the team on this tour of the USA when they tangle with the Yanks on their own tracks.

The 2016 Australian Speedcar Championship at Valvoline Raceway was another disappointing outing for the team experiencing engines troubles. The memories from the 75th Championship now faded with the focus and effort now on the US tour. .

The KR24 was packed with spares and tools and is currently enjoying the trip across the Pacific and bound for Indiana with the engines headed to Esslinger for a fresh up in the factory.The challenge that faces the Bunbury based Kingshott cannot be understated, many of our best and the best from New Zealand have had their fair share of difficulties during their recent tours of the Indiana.Kingshott team at work preparing for Indian

Dayne’s race schedule for the POWRi and USAC Midget and Speed Weeks

May 20th    Layette Country Speedway

May 21st    Macon Speedway *

May 31st    Montpeller Motor Speedway

June 1st      Gas City 1-69 Speedway

June 2nd      Lincoln Park Speedway

June 3rd      Bloomington Speedway

June 4th      Lawrenceburg Speedway

June 5th      Kokomo Speedway

June 8th        Belle-Clair Speedway

June 9th      Quincy Speedway

June 10       Jacksonville Speedway

June 11th      Macon Speedway

June 12th     Lincoln Speedway

Talking  will provide updates via our Facebook and Twitter feeds on every race on the Kingshott Racing’s tour of the US.

Dayne Kingshott’s first experience of US acing will be at the Fayette Country Speedway and here is a picture of the track Fayette Country Speedway

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Weekend of turn ups at Turnpike Challenge Port City

I won the Turnpike

I won the Turnpike

Weekend of turn ups at Turnpike Challenge Port City

Jason McDougal wins the Turnpike Challenge

Jason McDougal wins the Turnpike Challenge

There was no way teams heading to Port City Speedway would have ever thought that the locals would get over the powerful Keith Kunz Motorsports outfit even given its renewed youthful team.


It was Matt Sherrell on night one and the final 40 lap feature appeared to be a Thorson win for the Kunz team until the hometown youngster Jason McDougal had the crowd up from their seat cheering when after searching the bottom looking for a slight advantage over Thorson it opened up and he took the race lead.

Stung into replying Thorson regained the race lead on lap 35 and for a short time most would have put the glasses away. The Port City Track is demanding but Jason McDougal knows every inch of the 1/8 track and was single minded as he worked over the USAC star and charged back into the lead, a lead that he would hold until the Turnpike Challenge was his.!

For the Kunz Toyota Team to go winless over two successive shows is rare but over the two nights the young team lead by Thorson made some gains. Two top 6 finishes for Spencer Bayston and a semi win., heat win and a top 10 finish for Holly Shelton did not go unnoticed.

Kunz Motorsports line up Pic-Chuck Gurney

Kunz Motorsports line up
Pic-Chuck Gurney

McDougal took on massive challenge starting inside row 5 with 2016 Chili Bowl 3r placed Zach Daum , seasoned USAC racers Tyler Thomas and Andrew Felker all starting close in the 40 lap final..

To win in front of your home crowd and to beat the best coming from behind was indeed very special. Jason McDougal you owned it at Port City in the final of the Turnpike Challenge .

Post race interviews “That took everything I had to hold him off,” said first place finisher Jason McDougal. “I’m speechless. I’d been struggling coming off three and four, so I knew I couldn’t fully commit, but I knew I was going to throw it. This is amazing, doing it in my hometown and to have everyone here supporting us to do this.”

That was one hell of a racetrack,” Tanner Thorson said. “This promoter puts on an awesome race. Congratulations to Jason McDougal. I tried my hardest to get by him and it didn’t work. This is his track. He deserves this.”

“We had a good car,” explained Andrew Felker. “Early we were picking them off in a hurry and then Jason drove by us like we were stupid. He had the car of the field. He was flying down on the bottom early. I knew the slider was going to be interesting on the last lap, but I just wasn’t close enough to capitalize on it. Standing on the podium is not a bad way to end the night.”

POWRi Lucas Oil National Midget Series Feature Results (40 laps): 1. 73 – Jason McDougal 2. 67 – Tanner Thorson 3. 11A – Andrew Felker 4. 5X – Justin Peck 5. 5D – Zach Daum 6. 97 – Spencer Bayston 7. 17E – Blake Edwards 8. 8X – Austin Shores 9. 11H – Chase Hill 10. 8J – Jonathan Beason 11. 17 – Logan Seavey 12. 67K – Holly Shelton 13. 71K – Carson Macedo 14. 14B – Kevin Bayer 15. 71 – Ryan Robinson 16. 1K – Brayton Lynch 17. 98 – Clinton Boyles 18. 93 – Dustin Morgan 19. 7 – Austin Brown 20. 4M – Michelle Decker 21. 8 – Alex Sewell 22. 27 – Tucker Klaasmeyer 23. 17W – Harli White 24. 3N – Jake Neuman

The next POWRi Lucas Oils National Midget Series event will be at Jacksonville Speedway April 22nd .

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Matt Sherrell get maiden POWRi National win at Turnpike

sherrell turnpikeThe preliminary night of the Turnpike Challenge at Port City Raceway ,Tulsa Oklahoma real turn up for the books when Oklahoma local Matt Sherrell scored his first ever POWRi National Feature .

The local from Owasso had worked his way through the field from his 9t starting position to find his way to second behind Tanner Thorson with two circuits of the Port City track to run.

The 30 lap preliminary  was Thorson’s, he had bossed the field with a dominating drive and the gremlins that so often missed the Kunz/Toyota team struck with just two laps of the feature to run. The #67 suddenly stalled gifting the race lead and first POWRi National win to he Owasso local.

As the 30 laps around the Port City track unfolded fans witnessed a number of chaotic incidents initially involving Carson Macedo looping his Kunz Bullet early, Austin Brown spinning after his high voltage charge past Tyler Thomas and finally the unfortunate attack of the gremlins for Tanner Thorson.

Matt Sherrell across the line at Port City credit Dylan Duvall

Matt Sherrell across the line at Port City
credit Dylan Duvall

The Thorson problem added anew late dimension to the race it was now down to a two lap shootout between Sherrell and Daum.Now in a winning position Sherrell was not about to let this win slip from his grasp and doggedly fought of 2013 POWRi Champion and celebrated with a wheel stand as he crossed the stripe for the final time and his maiden win.The Turnpike attracted 52 entries and the fight for a place in the Feature was pressure packed.

While it is disappointing for Thorson and the Keith Kunz Motorsports Team it is refreshing and good the series to see a maiden POWRi National Feature win for Matt Sherrell.

Matt Sherrell post race

“It feels good,” said Sherrell. “It feels like it’s been a long time coming. We’re fast at places and we have a lot of good runs, but we finally put it together. I’ve got to thank my family for always sticking behind me. My pregnant wife, we’re due May 19th, with a little boy, so we’re excited about that. I’ve got to thank all of my sponsors, and both series for putting on this race.”

POWRi A-Main (30 laps): 1. Matt Sherrell (9), 2. Zach Daum (3), 3. Jason McDougal (15), 4. Tyler Thomas (2), 5. Justin Peck (12), 6. Spencer Bayston (7), 7. Alex Sewell (6), 8. Ty Hulsey (14), 9. Holly Shelton (10), 10. Logan Seavey (16), 11. Jonathan Beason (18), 12. Cody Brewer (20), 13. Jake Neuman (17), 14. Andrew Felker (11), 15. Chase Hill (1), 16. Tucker Klaasmeyer (22), 17. Tanner Thorson (4), 18. Austin Brown (5), 19. Pat Schudy (21), 20. Grady Chandler (24), 21. Kevin Bayer (19), 22. Carson Macedo (8), 23. Ryan Robinson (23), 24. Dustin Morgan (13).
Lap Leader(s): Thomas 1-3, Thorson 4-28, Sherrell 29-30.
Hard Charger(s): McDougal +12i

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Abreu hits the spot with Pepsi National victory.

Rico Pepsi champAbreu hits the spot with Pepsi National victory.
Angell Park, Sun Prarie was the venue for the 34th running of the Pepsi midget Nationals co sanctioned by USAC-POWRi and BMARA . Most of the top peddlers were signed in, one notable exception was Christopher Bell but the Keith Kunz’s team of Abreu, Thorson and Kevin Thomas Jr offered a challenge for those seeking the Pepsi National Title.
Bryan Clauson set fast time during qualifying ahead of Rico Abreu fresh from his pavement win in the K&N Pro Series Late Model at Columbus Speedway , Kevin Thomas Jr was third fastest .

Rookie Ryan Robinson found himself on the front row with Thorson but was unable to beat Thorson to the point and had to settle in at second for the first circuit of the Angell park track. Is was not long before fast qualifier Clauson had run past Robinson and started to close on Thorson.
The Clauson challenge expired on lap 4 out with rear tyre problems forcing the officials to bring out the first caution of the evening. Clauson would go to the work area and return with the task ahead of the #63 Rusty Kunz/Joe Dooling entry.

Billy Balog, Tucker klaasmeyer would be responsible for cautions during the race while a big flip by Tracy Hines would see the first and only red for the night. Hines wild flip in turns three and four would end his Pepsi charge , racecar knocked about but Hines walked away thankfully.
The race to the flag over the latter stages of the race was a Kunz /Toyota battle between teammates and right up until the final laps it looked very much like Thorson would take the win, sitting back in second Abreu used the final corner to slide under his younger teammate and gain a narrow but decisive win.
Kevin Thomas Jr completed the Kunz/Toyota podium ahead of Clauson who had worked back into contention and Darren Hagan.

Drivers comments :
Rico Abreu ““That was a lot of fun,” stated Rico Abreu. “Keith Kunz and Pete Willoughby gave me a fantastic car. I kind of stole Tanner’s thunder there, but he just keeps getting better and better. It’s one of those races where you want to be running second. You can search around a lot more running second. It’s a lot of fun running with these guys. I enjoy racing all these cars. It just keeps making me better and better.”

Rico after his Pepsi Win

Rico after his Pepsi Win

Tanner Thorson “I wouldn’t want to lose it to anyone more than Rico,” commented Tanner Thorson. “He definitely earned it. I heard he was working the top and I was out there in the front trying to do my deal. I knew someone was there and I was holding my breath the last five laps; I could see him. I didn’t know if it was him or KT because they’re both fast. But, hat’s off to this team to put another Keith Kunz podium out there.”
Kevin Thomas Jr “To be on the podium is pretty nice,” said Kevin Thomas, Jr. “Keith and Pete always preach to me about the bigger picture. It’s just a blessing that this team gives us the best cars you could drive. Hat’s off to Rico and Tanner. I saw Rico slide Tanner there on the last lap and it was fun from where I was sitting, but unfortunately it was third.”
PEPSI NATIONAL (30 laps): 1. 97 – Rico Abreu, 2. 67 – Tanner Thorson, 3. 67k – Kevin Thomas, Jr., 4. 63 – Bryan Clauson, 5. 17 – Darren Hagen, 6. 11A – Andrew Felker, 7. 39 – Spencer Bayston, 8. 71 – Ryan Robinson, 9. 91T – Tyler Thomas, 10. 9K – Kyle Schuett, 11. 52 – Isaac Chapple, 12. 21k – Kurt Mayhew, 13. 7 – Austin Brown, 14. 24 – Tracy Hines, 15. 77 – Kaitlynn Leer, 16. 82 – Eric Johnson, 17. 8 – Jimi Quinn, 18. 57 – Bill Balog, 19. 31 – David Budres, 20. 27 – Tucker Klaasmeyer, 21. 20 – Cody Weisensel

The Pepsi Podium

The Pepsi Podium

Feature lap leaders : 1-29 Tanner Thorson lap30 Rico Abreu
The next scheduled Honda National Midget event is July 28th -Solomon Valley
The next schedule POWRi National Midget event is July 11th at Fairbury American legion Speedway .

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