COVID Canceled NEW Zealand Midget Title, with assistance from the Government!

Across the ditch COVID has struck again assisted by the New Zealand Government when it was announced from midnight last night Auckland will be locked down level 3 for a long 5 days. No doubt there will be many casualties and many disappointed locals at their Governments overreaction. One casualty was the New Zealand Midget Title set down for decision last night.

One case of transmission and the joint is locked down gives one little confidence in the Governments contract tracing and confidence in the people of Auckland to follow social distancing and good health practices.

The Title was postponed after a couple of heats on the final night once the announcement was made and now will have to be completely rerun.

With vaccine run out well underway and the virus well contained it is hard to understand how some Governments think. New Zealand you are not alone we have our share of dictators in Aussie land .

No one will convince me that these reactive decisions are not simply Politicians flexing their newly acquired power rather than from logical thinking based on the real situations.

So sorry the fan missed out and for the efforts put in by Teams to ready them self’s for the Title. We now wait for the reschedule event. No matter what our views rules must be followed so stay safe everyone

Image Brock Maskovich being interviewed at the track ,

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