North of the border is Schatz territory

North of the Border is Schatz Territory
The Fargo North Dakota ace certainly makes the Canadian tracks look like a home away from home as he storms to three win from the three Outlaws Shows in front of appreciative Canadian crowds.

Donny Schatz in Canada Donny Schatz in Canda Pic credit TSR

Donny Schatz in Canada
Donny Schatz in Canda
Pic credit TSR

Heading across the border into the Canadian City of Drummond defending Champion Daryn Pittman was quite confident after reducing Schatz’s lead to a mere 55 points . The defending Champion could not have known the extent of the point’s damage that was to follow.

DRUMMONDVILLE, Que. – July 26, 2014 the first stop on the Canadian tour was Drummondville – Quebec .The track commentary was in French but you did not need to understand the call as Schatz battled first with Cody Darrah, then Kerry Madsen before locking in his 10th race win for the season. Kerry Madsen continued his super form with another second and Darrah completing the podium. Pittman with his 5th placing lost points as he battles to hold Schatz’s Championship charge.

CORNWALL, Ont. – July 27, 2014 – Cornwall Motor Speedway in Ontario was the second stop on the tour and the chance for Schatz to go back to back. The chance was there also for Pittman to gather back some lost points, but the Schatz STP team was full of gas and confidence as they rolled to the green for the 40 Lap A main.
A great result in the Dash gave Kerry Madsen the pole for the 40 Lap A Main. The first 10 laps Madsen seemed to have Schatz covered until heading into lap 11 Schatz pounced and took command. From lap 11 there was never any doubt that the Tony Stewart STP backed ace would win the A main. Madsen continued his fantastic recent run of podiums with another impressive second and Logan Schuhart third
The Cornwall result was another lost chance for Pittman as he watched his challenger increase his points lead.

OHSWEKEN, Ontario – June 29, 2014: The final stop on the Tour North of the border was at the Ohsweken Speedway .Schatz had set the standard for the Canadian tour and most race fans were most likely expecting the man from Fargo North Dakota to steamroller his way to another victory.

Donny certainly made it three straight wins on the tour but not before fighting off a determined challenge from Shane Stewart in the Hill Racing #77 and Australian James McFadden in All Star Performance Gaerte engine #3G.. The top three left the remainder of the field well behind to suck up their dust  !

Shane Stewart after his 2nd to Schatz at Ohsweken  Hills Racing #77 Pic credit Amanda Rockery

Shane Stewart after his 2nd to Schatz at Ohsweken
Hills Racing #77
Pic credit Amanda Rockery

At the start of the 40 Lap A  Main Paul McMahan, Kraig Kinser, and Jason Sides got together with McMahan flipping wildly. All 3 drivers were ok . McMahan’s crew worked at a frantic pace to get the CJB Motorsports car back into the race at the rear .McMahan finished in 18th position

Schatz three wins in Canada while Pittman could only manage a fifth and two eight placing and the task of defending his Title must now be a worry… Schatz now has amassed a lead of 108 points as the teams return back to the States and make ready for the two nights at the federated Auto Parts Raceway 1-55 in Pevely, Missouri.

The Main show at Pevely on the Saturday night is the Ironman 55 paying $20,000 to win.
The 11 hour haul back to Missouri hopefully will be time for the KKR boys to figure out a plan on how to slow the Schatz momentum. Last year as Schatz started his late season challenge Pittman showed lots of courage and determination when he stood tall and covered the aggression from the STP driver.

The Championship position after Canada leaves Schatz with a lead of 106 points over Pittman followed by Paul McNahan 178 points back, Kerry Madsen has leapfrogged over Saldana in fourth placing 322 behind Schatz leaving Joey Saldana 327 behind the leader .

The message from the Canadian tour is that Schatz is read hot and with the Knoxville National coming fast he must be a clear favorite

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The Bob Tattersall Challenge -Grundy County Speedway

Grundy County Speedway –Illinois remembers Bob Tattersall

Bob Tattersall

Bob Tattersall

Morris- Illinois July 26th Saturday night the Grundy County Speedway ran the “Bob Tattersall’s Challenge“. The Bob Tattersall Challenge honors the memory of the Pennsylvania born racer.

Tattersall’s home base was Streator Illinois and from here is where his super career started. Bob Tattersall was inducted into the National Midget Auto Racing Hall of Fame for his achievements during his career that included 2 UARA Midget Titles in 1956 and 1959 plus the prestigious USAC National Midget Title in 1969 with owner Jack Stroud

.While Tattersall is remembered today in Morris at Grundy Speedway fans in Australia and New Zealand will never forget the 13 winters that he toured down.

Aggressive , bold and take a no prisoners approach to racing was at a level never before seen down under .I remember the first time I watched him wheel his imported Offenhauser race car around the Sydney Speedway Royal . I was speechless. I could not believe his car control, the ability to back the race into the corners, ride the high side of the narrow Sydney track and blast to race wins from the rear of the 24 car feature race fields.

Tattersall won many the major races across New Zealand and Australia, no track presented a problem and in those early years it may have been true that he had a few haters, over time I know Speedway fans in both New Zealand and Australia gained the greatest respect for him and we have never seen his like again. Many have come close but Tatt’s or Two Gun’s as he became known was one special racecar driver.

The race on the pavement at Grundy Speedway was won by Austin Prock from Kyle O’Gara and Nick Baran
The trophy presentation was mad by Bob’s window Mrs. Dee Tattersall
It’s wonderful to be able to remember and honor Bob Tattersall

Presentation of the Bob Tattersall Challenge to Austin Prock by Mr  Dee Tattersall

Presentation of the Bob Tattersall Challenge to Austin Prock by Mr Dee Tattersall

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New Tracks for the 10th Year of the POWRi Speedcar Super Series

New Tracks announced for 10th year of POWRi Lucas Oils Speedcar Super Series

6 rounds at 5 different tracks across the Eastern States of Australia will welcome the 2014 POWRi Lucas Oils Speedcar Super Series.Lucas oil powri series
A refreshing new change to the schedules sees the addition of a two new venues Gunnedah and Nowra Speedways. Gunnedah Speedway set in the beautiful Namoi Valley and part of the wheat belt of NSW will open the Series on October 25, 2014
Gunnegah is also home to the largest colony of Koloa Bears in NSW. The Speedway owned and promoted by well known Newcastle Transport identity Barry Towers who is sure to bring his special flair to the promotion of the opening round.

Welcome to Gunnedah

Welcome to Gunnedah

Nowra Speedway on the NSW Southern Coast will have to wait until round 4 of the series when their experience of running Australian GPs and NSW Championship Titles will fire up a successful round.
The POWRi Racing shows are always well run and provide a race series that is easy for teams to manage, minimum travel and contained expenses should see the series successful again in 2014.
Our diary is marked with all 6 dates but in case you are unable to get trackside TalkingSpeedwy will covers each round and provide up dates.

The list of contracted drivers is yet to be release but the lure of increased price purses is certain to attract the best of the East Coast teams.
The Speedcar Super Series is the perfect build up to the POWRi World Midget Championship that will once again visit Archerfield and Lismore after the opening rounds in New Zealand
POWRI Lucas Oils Speedcar Super Series

Based in country NSW, this 400m dirt oval track promoted by Super Sedan star Barry Towers hosts the Speedcar Super Series for the first time!

Round 2 is set to take place at the QSRA’s home track, with the series travelling north to Archerfield Speedway located in Queensland’s capital city.

The SS heads to Northern New South Wales’ Lismore Speedway. The bull-ring track run by David Lander will once again draw attention to the tight wheel-to-wheel racing synonymous with this division!

Nowra Speedway has played host to the Australian Grand Prix and the New South Wales Championship forming close ties with the Speedcar Association of NSW. Now, in 2014, the SSS will be hosted at this NSW South Coast track!

Returning to Queensland after a short hiatus (time out for competition in New Zealand, the World Midget Championships and the Australian Speedcar Championship), the series second last round will be hosted by John & Kathy Kelly at Archerfield.

The 6th and final round has been slated in for April 11 with the SS returning to the Speedcar Association of New South Wales home track; Valvoline Raceway! A track renowned for action packed racing, this will be the perfect place to wrap up the SS Championship one week prior to the 50 Lap Classic.

** World Midget Championship**
24 Jan – World Midget Championship – Night 1 – Archerfield Speedway, QLD
25 Jan – World Midget Championship – Night 2 – Archerfield Speedway, QLD
30 Jan – World Midget Championship – Night 3 – Lismore Speedway, NSW
31 Jan – World Midget Championship – Night 4- Lismore Speedway, NSW

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Jury rules Williams Grove Speedway has no case to answer

Jury rules Williams Grove has no case to answer

Williams Grove

Williams Grove

In the Cumberland County Court , Carlisle , Pennsylvanian a jury of 8 men and four women took just 3 hours of deliberation to decide in favor of Williams Grove Speedway throwing out the challenge from injured Sprintcar driver John Westbrook.

Westbrook injured in a race crash in September 2008 that left him a quadriplegic was suing the Speedway seeking $6 million to cover his medical expenses and for pain and suffering and the loss of enjoyment of life.

The verdict when handed down was akin to the black flag effectively disqualifying Westbrook from the benefits he was seeking to improve his quality of life, life in a wheelchair!

The verdict was not a surprise to most that followed the case as the evidence submitted by Westbrook’s attorney was weak and hypocritical.
The fact that Westbrook raced at the Speedway without an approved Hans devise and even after the accident continued to enter his race car and expected his driver to sign the very wavier he was challenging in this case was difficult to reason with.

It would appear that most people in the sport agree with the verdict and generally views stated in many forums are in full support .Some are less than sympathetic believing that Mr. Westbrook was arguing an unarguable case and should look after himself as it is his responsibility .

After the decision both Mr. Westbrook and his Attorney David Inscho were interviewed by Marijon Shearer from
“We’re disappointed, obviously, by the verdict,” Inscho said. “We’ll evaluate the legal rulings to determine whether post-trial motions and appeal to Superior Court are warranted.”

There seems to be a real chance that Mr. Westbrook is now being ostracized by the racing community and this is very sad.

One would think that some compassion might be forthcoming after all the future for this young man and his family is indeed grim. Hopefully the Sport and the local Speedway community might look at starting a fund to provide some level of support.

From this case three points emerge, the waiver signed by people who go racing is solid and will stand up in a legal challenge and that more care needs to place on the management and administration of the actual waver at race tracks. The final point is that is absolutely necessary that the Sport put in place a disability plan to look after race driver who receive such serious and life shattering injuries .

Putting to one side that each of us must be responsible for our actions it must also be remembered that the race car driver provides profit to the race tracks and it is in the best interest of every track owner and promoter to put a plan in place that looks after their revenue source, the race car driver.

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Williams Grove Speedway sued by injured Sprintcar driver

Williams Grove Speedway sued by injured Sprintcar Driver

Williams Grove Speedway, Mechanicsburh Pennsylvania has been the home for American Sprintcar racing since 1939. The I/2 Mile banked oval has challenged drivers for the past 75 years. A favorite race track for many of the Country most important races including the World of Outlaws Summer Nationals.

The best of the Outlaws and the Pennsylvania Posse will fight this weekend in the first of two races for the Summer National Title. While the drivers have a challenge ahead the bigger Challenge is for the Williams Grove Speedway as they face a court battle with injured Sprintcar driver John Westbrook

John Westbrook before his accident  pic credit John Westbrook

John Westbrook before his accident
pic credit John Westbr

.Westbrook suffered serve injuries that left him a quadriplegic in 2008 during a race when a car crashed into him sending him flipping over in turn 1 and down the very steep embankment that leads into an access road.

The prosecution is seeking medical care expenses, and they are also suing Williams Grove Speedway for pain and suffering. The case in being heard at the Cumberland Courthouse in Carlisle County. The case is based on Westbrook’s belief that the Speedway was negligent; highlighting the lack of a catch fence in turn 1 .The claim being that this was a major factor in the extent of the injuries.
David Inchon, Westbrook’s attorney is seeking $6 million to cover his medical expenses and for pain and suffering and the loss of enjoyment of life

.The attorney for Williams Grove Brigid Alford defense is that Westbrook knew the risks involved with sprintcar racing and had signed a release absolving the Speedway of any liability on September 5, 2008 on the night before the racing commenced .The release document he signed before racing on that night was the same document he had signed many times before he had raced at Williams Grove.

This is a tragic case and one that race promoters everywhere will be watching closely .The tragedy is that no matter whom wins in the court case there will no winner. No amount of money will make up for the suffering that John Westbrook has endured since the accident , The change to his life and that of his family is unimaginable for those of us who have the full use of our limbs.

There is no way of knowing just how the jury will decide the outcome. There have been cases in the past where release documents absolving promote from liabilities have been supported by court precedents but the sport and the industry will wait with anticipation.
Motor racing is dangerous and all competitors across the sport strap into their racecars in the knowledge that the chance of serious injury or death is just the roll of the dice away. The safety at race track is and always should be the first concern of race track owners and promoter.
The Sport has a great reputation of helping those who suffer injury and the family of those tragically killed during racing. It is a fact that the higher the profile the greater the support and this is clear to see across sport world wide
The problem of looking after injured racecar drivers is no different to those injured in any high impact sport and the bodies that sanction motor racing should provide a facility that is supported by, promoters, competitors and race fans. Speedway across the world run 50/50 raffles at most shows with half the funds going to various funds to support

competitors injured at their tracks .While this is admirable it is nowhere near enough and lack controls in many cases to the detriment of those it is meant to help.
These funds should be on a Sanctioning Body level and the funds should be invested and administered by a disability Committee based on need.

The fragmented efforts while well meaning fall short of achieving the required result .Looking at the many comments on various forums it seem clear to me that most believe that you enter the race track in the full and complete knowledge that it is dangerous and that the Speedway in this case Williams grove should not be responsible .

One can’t blame the injured driver for taking the claim to court for judgment particularly given his concern for his family’s future and with lawyers pushing the barrow I guess it looks like the only available option.

An interesting aside to the case is that Mr Westbrook still owns a race team and still enters the car and expects his driver to sign the waver at Williams Grove
The trial continues in the Cumberland Courthouse in Carlisle County.

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Aussie,Aussie,Aussie -Madsen wins Kings Royal

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie is the chant as Kerry Madsen wins the Kings Royal at Eldora

The tear away from St Mary’s in the Western Suburbs of Sydney. Kerry Madsen came from position 7 with a mix of aggressive and thoughtful diving to take the Kings Royal Crown at Eldora.

Kerry Madsen King Royal winner 2014

Kerry Madsen King Royal winner 2014

The Kings Royal one of the most prestigious sprint car races on the USA calendar has eluded Madsen since he first set his eyes on the crown way back in 1987.
In 2010 very late in the race Madsen was passed by Steve Kinser and the “King” torpedoed his best chance of wearing the Crown.

Madsen a regular campaigner on the STP World of Outlaws circuit is currently running 5th in the 2014 Championship. The Kings Royal win positions Madsen well as the Outlaws prepare for the next Major during the August running of the famed Knoxville Nationals.
Madsen’s form over recent weeks, 5 podiums from his last five starts suggests that race win number four was within sight.

Madsen certainly had his eyes on the Crown from the first firing of the motors. Fastest during qualifying and a strong second in his heat advancing the American Racing Custom Wheels entry into position 7 for the 40 lap $50,000 Kings Royal Feature

.Madsen with amazing speed on the high line was able to gain speed and cover the front running cars very quickly. Gravel and Schatz were concentrating on their battle out front with Gravel working hard to keep Schatz behind.

Kerry Madsen ready to win the Kings Royal

Kerry Madsen ready to win the Kings Royal

Madsen was on the attack and quickly passed Schatz around the fence with inches to spare, aggressive, but very impressive. Madsen was not yet done and the Roth Motorsports entry of Gravel would be next.

Schatz and Gravel continues to fight each other for second around the middle leaving the top free for Madsen to run wide open.

Two laps from the Crown, Shane Stewart in the Larson Marks car slows bringing out the red and forcing a restart and a 2 lap shoot out. If the Keneric Team were worried about the threat from Schatzi the green soon dispelled all concerns as Madsen opened up the throttle and immediately restated his intension to win the 31st King Royal, the Crown and the $50,000.first prize

This was a very emotional win for Madsen, the biggest so far in his impressive career.
listen to interview here :
A-Main – (40 Laps) - 1. 29-Kerry Madsen [7] [$50,000]; 2. 15-Donny Schatz [2] [$12,500]; 3. 83-David Gravel [1] [$7,500]; 4. 71-Kevin Swindell [8] [$5,500]; 5. 51-Paul McMahan [12] [$4,500]; 6. W20-Greg Wilson [5] [$3,800]; 7. 14K-Dale Blaney [17] [$3,300]; 8. 24-Rico Abreu [13] [$2,800]; 9. 9-Daryn Pittman [10] [$2,650]; 10. 7S-Jason Sides [18] [$2,550]; 11. 53-Christopher Bell [22] [$2,250]; 12. 11-Steve Kinser [6] [$2,100]; 13. 21-Brian Brown [14] [$2,050]; 14. 63-Chad Kemenah [19] [$2,000]; 15. 1s-Logan Schuchart [21] [$1,950]; 16. 4-Cody Darrah [20] [$1,900]; 17. 1-Sammy Swindell [9] [$1,850]; 18. 83X-Jason Meyers [16] [$1,800]; 19. 19M-Brent Marks [11] [$1,750]; 20. 71M-Joey Saldana [25] [$1,700]; 21. 2-Shane Stewart [3] [$1,650]; 22. 11K-Kraig Kinser [23] [$1,625]; 23. 11N-Randy Hannagan [4] [$1,600]; 24. 49-Brad Sweet [15] [$1,550]; 25. 59-Tim Kaeding [24] [$1,550]. Lap Leaders: David Gravel 1-8, 11-12; Donny Schatz 9-10; Kerry Madsen 13-40. KSE Hard Charger Award: 53-Christopher Bell [+11]

Photo credits World of Outlaws and

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Remembering Bert Fenton

Press Release
Remembering Bert Fenton

Author: SA Speedcar PR

It is with sadness the South Australian Speedcar Association remember local car owner and longtime Speedcar supporter Bert Fenton who passed recently while holidaying in the United States. We would like to express our deepest condolences to Helen, Melissa and the extended Fenton family for their loss.

Bert, who most will know through hosting a range of competitors behind the wheel of his Speedcar over the years and travelling across the country with the Speedcar Super Series; was all about promoting Speedcars in South Australia and providing opportunities for up and coming Speedway stars.



Bert was living his dream travelling and watching Midget racing for the first time in the United States when he had heart related complications. Unfortunately the Fenton Family have since been advised Bert’s travel insurance won’t cover the costs to bring one of our own back home.

As such a family friend has initiated a trust account with Bank SA called ‘The Bert Fenton Fund’ for Bert’s many friends to generously donate towards the expenses ahead of the family to return Bert to Australia.

If you would like to donate towards their cause, please visit a BankSA branch (SA only) or St George Bank branch (other states); or make a direct deposit payment online to:

The Bert Fenton Fund
Bank: BankSA
BSB: 105-009
Acct No: 116250340

Anonymous donations will be accepted, but if you would like to include your name/s in the payment reference this will allow the Fenton Family to recognise your efforts.

The Fenton Family, their many friends and the members of the South Australian Speedcar Association thank you for your support of this endeavour

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USAC Sprints Return after 26 Years to Deer Creek

USAC Sprints Returns to Deer Creek after 26 Years.

June 18 2014 .Deer Creek, Spring Valley Minnesota will see the return of the USAC Sprintcars for the first time in 26 years. The Deer Creek Speedway with its high Banks has played host in the past to some famous names.

USAC’s last visit to Minnesota was a rare winged event at Jackson won by Danny Lasoski. The Minnesota history runs deep in USAC, however, as legendary drivers Don Branson and Jud Larson won a pair of 1964 races at the State Fairgrounds in St. Paul.
Before the USAC /AMOILS Team get to Deer Creek they will need to get past the Amsoils Speedway in Superior, Wisconsin and the 30 lap Feature before they meet the clay of the Deer Creek oval and its high banks .Deer Creek Logo
Leading the USAC/AMSOILS Championship currently is Brady Bacon in his Dynamic Inc #59 by 44 points from Dave Darland. The defending Champion Bryan Clauson is 84 point behind Bacon

Brady Bacon currently leading the USAC AMOILS Championship Photo credit USAC

Brady Bacon currently leading the USAC AMOILS Championship
Photo credit USAC

.Bacon would be super confident after his recent Eastern Storms Series Win. Clauson and Darland have three wins each so far this series and Bacon two, but Brady has been stronger in gathering points across the 15 meeting

The runs through the Upper Midwest and the way the drivers handle the Deer Creek track may well have a bearing on who leads the Championship after they leave Angel Park on Sunday June 22nd.
The drivers are all geared up for the return to Minnesota and Bryan Clauson was quoted on the Deer Creek Web Site as saying :“I’m really excited to see Deer Creek Speedway on our schedule. I always want to race at new places and visit some new areas, and all I’ve heard about Deer Creek is how nice the place is. It should be a fun weekend, and hopefully the fans up north are looking forward to it as much as we are,” said back-to-back series champion Bryan Clauson, who will defend his crown in 2014 along with his Tony Stewart/Curb-Agajanian #20 team.

With 8 different winners over the past 15 races it is anyone’s guess who will take maximum points from the swing through the Upper Mid West

Darland ready to chase point  Photo credit IFansports network

Darland ready to chase point
Photo credit IFansports network

NEW AMSOIL NATIONAL SPRINT POINTS: 1-Bacon-836; 2-Darland-792; 3-Stockon-766; 4-Clauson-752; 5-Stanbrough-719; 6-Hines-716; 7-Grant-711; 8-Schuerenberg-638; 9-Windom-583; 10-Leary-653.

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Bell Finds Wings for 11 Days of racing

Bell gets wings for 11 days of racing

June 18: USAC National Midget Champ Christopher Bell after a hectic 2 weeks of Midget Racing with POWRi and USAC will for the next 11 days run with Wings as he tackles the ASCS Speedweek and then the All Star Circuit of Champions Ohio Sprintweek.
The USAC Champ has had to share race wins with Teammates Abreu and Thorson during the recent Powri and USAC Midget Shows.

The Brendon Berryman #31 Chris Bell will drive at Lawnton

The Brendon Berryman #31 Chris Bell will drive at Lawnton

Finishing third behind Rico Abreu during the USAC Midget Week after a bruising ride over the cushion and into wall at Lawrenceburg and then tyre problems at Bloomington has the 19 year old Oklahoma racer ready for the 11 nights of 410 Winged Sprintcar action.

Bell will strap into the seat of the Brandon Berryman #31 for the first of 4 races with the ASCS before switching to the Ray Marshall Motorsports #33 for the first 4 Races during the Ohio Sprint Week.
Never still for long Bell will next change seats and climb aboard the Keith Kunz owned #67 for the remaining 3 meetings that complete the Ohio Sprint Week.
Eleven races, 11 different tracks with three different owners is a schedule that will require all the special talent and concentration that that the USAC Champion has at his disposal.
The confidence and trust that the Team Owners have in this young Oklahoma racers underlines his unquestionable talent. Coming to terms with different cars and their set up, crew chiefs and tracks is the life of the professional speedway racers.
Moving up from the Midget into the all powerful 410 Sprintcars might be a daunting task for some but as Bell explained during an interview with Lonnie Wheatley of Sprint Source it’s just part of the job!
Christopher Bell “Once you’re out on the track, go down the straightaway once and into a corner, you figure it out,” Bell says. “Once you’ve done it a time or two, it’s not too bad making the change from one to another.”
Christopher Bell’s schedule starts Wednesday night at Lawton Speedway with the ASCS Speedweek

Lawnton ready to race

Lawnton ready to race

Wednesday, Lawton Speedway (Lawton, OK) – Berryman 31 Winged Sprint Car
Thursday, Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK) – Berryman 31 Winged Sprint Car
Friday, Outlaw Motorsports Park (Wainwright, OK) – Berryman 31 Winged Sprint Car
Saturday, Lucas Oil Speedway (Wheatland, MO) – Berryman 31 Winged Sprint Car
Sunday, Waynesfield Raceway Park (Waynesfield, OH) – Marshall Motorsports 33 Winged Sprint Car
Monday, Wayne County Speedway (Orrville, OH) – Marshall Motorsports 33 Winged Sprint Car
Tuesday (June 24), Sharon Speedway (Hartford, OH) – Marshall Motorsports 33 Winged Sprint Car
Wednesday (June 25), Atomic Speedway (Chillicothe, OH) – Marshall Motorsports 33 Winged Sprint Car

Thursday (June 26), Fremont Speedway (Fremont, OH) – Kunz 67 Winged Sprint Car
Friday (June 27), Limaland Motorsports Park (Lima, OH) – Kunz 67 Winged Sprint Car

Saturday (June 28), Fremont Speedway (Fremont, OH) – Kunz 67 Winged Sprint Car

Talking Speedway will keep race fans updated on Bells progress over the next 11 race meeting . Daily race results will be posted via our facebook page .

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Confirmation Sydney Speedway Sold

The following press release from Sydney Speedway Pty Ltd

After months of negotiation Sydney Speedway Pty Ltd has sold the promoting rights to the Speedway by the Freeway to Queensland businessman and Sprintcar patron Barry Waldron.
Mr Waldron’s interest, and that of his Company East Coast Pipeline, dates back to early in the summer when his team and driver Robbie Farr enjoyed a purple patch during the international season at Valvoline Raceway.

East Coast Pipelines Sprintcar Team

East Coast Pipelines Sprintcar Team

Steven Green, who was the Promoter of the Raceway during International Speedway’s tenure at the circuit, will return to Sydney in the next few weeks to assume the role of General Manager of the promoting company.
“Steve is a good friend who has learnt the ropes of speedway promotion at the Sydney venue and I expect he and Barry to make a solid and positive contribution to the sport,” said Mike Raymond today.
“The past 12 months has been particularly rewarding because of the close working relationship of our staff, officials and race fans who enjoyed some great times fabulous racing and added cement to a solid foundation for the sport in Sydney,” he continued.
“Brian and Steven have given the sport a definite home in Sydney’s sprawling west for the next decade and the fans should be eternally grateful,” he added.
The Directors of the Raceway would like to thank Valvoline for its marvellous sponsorship and participation within the sport.
More details on Raceway plans and the season schedule will be addressed later in the work.
Made Too Go PL is proud to announce it has entered into agreement with the shareholders of Sydney Speedway PL to purchase one hundred percent of the shares in the company with the purchase to become effective as of July the 1st 2014.
Sydney Speedway PL, which trades as Valvoline Raceway, will become a wholly owned subsidiary of ‘Made Too Go’, which is owned by prominent businessperson Mr Barry Waldron of East Coast Pipeline.
The purchase of Valvoline Raceway further enhances Mr Waldron’s commitment to Speedway racing which started back in 2002 after visiting what was then Parramatta City Raceway for the first time. Mr Waldron is also the owner of the highly successful East Coast Pipeline Racing Sprintcar team and has also sponsored numerous events and series.
“Sydney Speedway is a great entertainment facility with a very bright future,” said Made Too Go spokesperson, Steven Green. “The facility has the support of some of the most loyal fans in the industry, it’s positioned well in the heart of Sydney, and year in and year out it provides great racing action for motorsports fans”.
Made Too Go intends working with all stakeholders of the sport including fans, sponsors, associations and the race teams to enhance event experiences and fan engagement, as well as solidifying the future of Valvoline Raceway as one of the premier racing and entertainment facilities in Australian Motor Sport.
The agreement with the current owners sees the Queen’s Birthday race meeting that was conducted on June the 7th become the last meeting of the current season. This will allow Made Too Go time to prepare for the 2014/15 Valvoline Raceway season.
Announcement of the promotional team, schedule and contact details will be made in due course.”ecp-racing

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