Ever since I was a teenager I have visited speedway meeting with my first experience being a night out at Empire Speedway at the old Sydney Show Ground. From the early 1960s every Saturday night Speedway called. Just like every other fan I had my favorite race car driver and from the bull pen corner cheered lap after lap.

Goose bumps and shivers up the spine were part of the experience. When the Yanks arrived with their Offenhauser equipment I followed them to speedways like the Brisbane Exhibition ground, Tracey speedway in Victoria and Rowley Park in Adelaide. During the Winter Westmead and Winsor speedways were home.

Like most fans I could never get enough, the information I found the more I wanted, all the latest results and all the background on drivers and their teams.

TALKING SPEEDWAY will bring to the fans all the thrills and recreate that special feeling I had as a teenager all those years ago. The feeling of the goose bumps and the shiver when you walk through the turnstile into each speedway, the smell of the fuel and the anticipation of what was to come , just Magic!

We talk to all the dirt champs past and present about their career on the dirt, their equipment, their sponsors and lots more.

We will talk about all National events, some events live form the track, State and club events will also come direct from the dirt!A blog where you can talk speedway and win prizes.If it happens TALKING SPEEDWAY will cover it from a fans point of view.

*Talking Speedway will consider unsolicited articles and pictures. Talking Speedway takes no responsibility for their return. Talking Speedway reserves the right to edit all contributions.

Talking Speedway is managed and is a registered trade mark of Ozspeed Management Pty Ltd

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