The Killing of a Speedway

Today the breaking news in Australian Speedway is the news that the NSW
Government finally advised what we have all feared for years that the
Parramatta Speedway (Valvoline Raceway ) will be flattened by the demolishers as Government prepares to make way for the marshalling yards for the New South West Metro .

The promoters were advised yesterday by phone in typical Bureaucratic style with little interest in the history and effort of the promoters who have spent millions in building and staging such a world class facility.

Progress is important, infrastructure needs to keep pace with population growth but better planning by all Governments State and Federal with decentralization of business would reduce the massive push for more and more facilities for more and more residents and their needs.

As recent as this morning after massive public response the Government is
talking about a possible new Speedway but can they be trusted?

Governments forget Speedway is a business, creates jobs and adds value to
our economy and the recreational benefits for families can’t be underestimated.

It had to happen, but how much better would it have been to have announced first that a new facility would be built rather than cause all the anxious moments for race fans, teams and the promoter.

Here is a thought, how many Speedways have been closed over the years, lots. But how many Football Stadiums and Racecourse have been closed for  PROGRESS can you name one ?

Photo Credit   Full Throttle Publishing and ABC News

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