The Yanks came the Yanks conquered the John Day Classic

The Yanks came the Yanks conquered the John Day Classic


As a very young boy I was at the Sydney Royal Speedway every Saturday night and a season did not pass where the Yanks failed to take home our spoils. Last night over in Perth at the second John Day Classic it was no different as Jason McDougal and Tucker Klaasmyer took over the top two spots on the podium with Aussie Adam Clarke 3rd

The 40 lap Feature had a bonus pay out of $7,000 for the Holt.y Challenge if any drivers agreed to start rear of the field and make the podium after the 40 laps .You would have figured that the Yanks would have been up for the challenge but I guess with $10K cheque for the winner  both  McDougal and Klaasmyer had eyes on the cash.

It was the Hunter Valley Hurricane the multi Australian Speercar Champion Adam Clarke and local hero Dyane Kingshott who accepted the challenge and move to the rear of the Feature field .A bit like in the old days when the fastest  was always rear of the field .It was brave move by Clarke after wining the pole shuffle with wins over both Alex bright and Jason McDougal to gain the coveted pole position for the 40 lap feature .The Clarke challenge move McDougal up to pole alongside fellow tourist Alex Bright .

McDougal got the better of Bright at the Start, Bright would retire on lap 8 and Klaasmeyer would move into second. Kingshott and Clarke were busy moving through from the back marks and McDougal was making the most of clean.

The race would run nonstop for the 40 laps limiting Clarke’s opportunities to move further ahead and he would finish the 40 laps in third just behind Klaasmeyer and Jason McDougal.

Pictures Courtesy Bruce Russell.

Official Results John Day Classic.

Heat One, 8 laps: 1. 17 Dan Golding, 2. USA7 Tucker Klaasmeyer, 3. USA4 Alex Bright, 4. 9 Vaughan Manders, 5. 19 Steven Henderson, 6. 23 Glen Mears, 7. V15 Andy Pearce, 8. S57 Robert Heard, 9. 51 Beau Doyle. DNF: 26 Keenan Fleming (5). Total Time: 2.26.204. Winning Margin: 0.648. Fastest Lap: 17.762 Alex Bright.

Heat Two, 8 laps: 1. 24 Dayne Kingshott, 2. USA38 Jason McDougal, 3. Q29 Adam Clarke, 4. S83 Brett Ireland, 5. 10 Dave Perry, 6. 52 Lee Redmond, 7. 15 Rob Golding, 8. 75 Steve Doyle, 9. 47 Dene McAllan, 10. 32 Stuart Yates. Total Time: 2.17. 582.Winning Margin: 0.953. Fastest Lap: 16.805 Dayne Kingshott.

Heat Three, 8 laps: 1. Q29 Adam Clarke, 2. 26 Keenan Fleming, 3. 24 Dayne Kingshott, 4. USA4 Alex Bright, 5. 17 Dan Golding, 6. 15 Rob Golding, 7. 19 Steven Henderson, 8. 51 Beau Doyle. DNF: 32 Stuart Yates (2). DNS: 75 Steve Doyle. Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 0.741. Fastest Lap: 16.527 Dayne Kingshott.

Heat Four, 8 laps: 1. USA38 Jason McDougal, 2. 52 Lee Redmond, 3. 47 Dene McAllan, 4. USA7 Tucker Klaasmeyer, 5. S57 Robert Heard, 6. 10 Dave Perry, 7. 9 Vaughan Manders, 8. S83 Brett Ireland, 9. V15 Andy Pearce. DNF: 23 Glen Mears (4). Total Time: 2.12.072. Winning Margin: 5.042. Fastest Lap: 16.347 Jason McDougal.

Pole Shuffle 1, 2 laps: 1. 52 Lee Redmond, 2. 10 David Perry. Total Time: 34.348. Winning Margin: 2.028. Fastest Lap: 17.147 Lee Redmon

Pole Shuffle 2, 2 laps: 1. USA4 Alex Bright, 2. 52 Lee Redmond. Total Time: 34.189. Winning Margin: 1.089. Fastest Lap: 16.912 Alex Bright.

Pole Shuffle 3, 2 laps: 1. USA4 Alex Bright, 2. USA7 Tucker Klaasmeyer. Total Time: 33.791. Winning Margin: 0.295. Fastest Lap: 16.741 Alex Bright.

Pole Shuffle 4, 2 laps: 1. USA4 Alex Bright, 2. 17 Dan Golding. Total Time: 33.592. Winning Margin: 0.202. Fastest Lap: 16.781 Dan Golding.

Pole Shuffle 5, 2 laps: 1. Q29 Adam Clarke, 2. USA4 Alex Bright. Total Time: 33.498. Winning Margin: 0.666. Fastest Lap: 16.546 Adam Clarke.

Pole Shuffle 6, 2 laps: 1. Q29 Adam Clarke, 2. 24 Dayne Kingshott. Total Time: 33.101. Winning Margin: 0.338. Fastest Lap: 16.439 Adam Clarke.

Pole Shuffle 7, 2 laps: 1. Q29 Adam Clarke, 2. USA38 Jason McDougal. Total Time: 33.311. Winning Margin: 0.246. Fastest Lap: 16.458 Adam Clarke.

Feature Jon Day Classic 40 laps: 1. USA38 Jason McDougal, 2. USA7 Tucker Klaasmeyer, 3. Q29 Adam Clarke, 4. 17 Dan Golding, 5. 47 Dene McAllan (39), 6. S83 Brett Ireland (39), 7. 23 Glen Mears (39), 8. 10 Dave Perry (39), 9. 15 Rob Golding (38), 10. 9 Vaughan Manders (38), 11. S57 Robert Heard (38), 12. 51 Beau Doyle (37). DNF: 52 Lee Redmond (29), 26 Keenan Fleming (23), V15 Andy Pearce (19), 75 Steve Doyle (17), 24 Dayne Kingshott (12), USA4 Alex Bright (10), 32 Stuart Yates (1), 19 Steven Henderson (0). Total Time: 11.08.740 RECORD. Winning Margin: 3.220. Fastest Lap: 16.264 Jason McDougal.

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Western Springs -News

We are pleased to announce the ‘Teams Racing’ is scheduled to run as part of the United Truck Parts International Midget Series in a slightly different format.
Unlike previous years, the plan is to run a single sprint race each night of the first five meetings. The drivers will accumulate team points from each of the meetings, and we will see the final race unfold at the King of the Springs – Bryan Clauson 39 Lapper event on Thursday 3rd January 2019.
The Team selection process is that the local lads will show the selectors what they are capable of in the first 4 meetings of the season, ready for Boxing Day. Team NZ will be announced after racing on the 8th Dec. This team of three drivers will race against the other two teams at all five meetings.
Team USA will be represented by Kyle Larson, Christopher Bell and Tyler Courtney. Team Australia has Matt Smith, Kaidon Brown and Scott Farmer.
“All indications are that we will witness some of the best open wheel midget racing we have seen here at Western Springs”, said Greg Mosen – Promoter, “the team line ups are next level” he said.
For all event details and tickets, go to

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It’s arrived, my Bryan Clauson handmade midget model

It’s arrived, my Bryan Clauson handmade midget model

We all have our favourite Speedway driver and mine is  Bryan Clauson. Sadly last August Speedway lost this wonderful young racer as a result of an accident in his #63 Midget race car at the Belleville Midget Nationals.

Heart break was felt around the Speedway World and the devastating effect on his family trying recovering from this tragic loss is only softened by the memories of his selfless actions in being an organ donor.

Today I have unpacked the handmade die cast of Bryan’s #63 and must admit to a fair bit of emotion as I slowly and carefully unpacked the parcel.Beautifully crafted by John Stewart of Retro Racing Custom Model Cars,  it now sits proudly with my other speddway model collections .I had the pleasure of meeting Bryan  in 2013 at Lismore Speedway during a POWRi World Midget Show, short chat during a break in the pits, meeting Bryan is something I will always remember and cherish.

You can honor Bryan’s memory and help many other families by discussing with your family your wish to be an organ donor. This is a wonderful thing to do. Thanks John Stewart Retro Racing Custom Models the model has arrived and is truly fantastic, great craftsmanship.

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The Australian Speedcar Championship trophy goes overseas



a1 overseasThe Australian Speedcar Championship trophy goes overseas for the second successive year following Rico Abreu’s dominance this weekend at Brisbane’s Archerfield Speedway.


Rarely headed in races on this tour Abreu went into the final night with high points after the heats on Friday night. Beaten to the checker only once on the final night and that was in the heats by Queensland’s Anthony Chaffey. The seasoned 25 year old USAC professional started the Championship Feature from that magic position P1 with Kiwi Hayden Williams out of P2 and defending Champion Michael Pickens in P3.

It was no surprise that Abreu raced into the early  lead with Williams running a steady pace to keep the Californian in check. By lap 12 Abreu was still maintaining a Championship winning lead but the defending Champion Pickens still had the bit between his teeth and closed then passed Williams for second on lap 12 .Pickens dream of a second A1 Plate was gone four laps later when he experienced engines problems and returned to the infield.Abreu flag

Abreu appeared untroubled in the lead but it was Brady Bacon who was starting to bring the crowd alive as he forced his way through the field and by lap 20 was in second and looking the only danger to Abreu.Bacon started to close the gap to Abreu but the two times Chili Bowl Champion had this race well under control , as brilliant as Bacon was Abreu and his Spike /Toyota had the challenge covered.

Passing the checker it was Rico Abreu the new Australian Speedcar Champion from the fast finishing Brady Bacon and Nathan Smee the first of the Australians across the stripe. Of the four New Zealanders in the field only Chris Gwilliams finished the race, Pickens, Williams and Mosen all were DNF..Alex Bright,finished in 4th ZachDaum in 8th and Andrew Felker in 9th..

Abreu and Keith Kunz set such a high standard during this tour and the Australian Championship is just reward .The Bullet by Spike /Toyota they prepared for this tour down under was “Gem”. Speedway fans should also applaud Todd Wanless and his Raw Metals Corp for their support of Keith Kunz and his Team.Abreu Brisbane

Well done Rico, as Australian Champion you will be wonderful ambassador for Australian Speedcars and Speedway.

Photo credits :Rampage Speedway Photos

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Want the hairs on the back of your neck to stand up this week end

Want the hairs on the back of your neck to stand up this week end then better get along to Brisbane’s Archerfield Speedway this week end for the Speedcar Championship of Australia. Get yourself down to the fence line where you will feel the sounds as the midgets get into the track and challenge the cushion. If you get clay in your hair and the smell of racing fuel in your lungs you will have had a get night no matter who wins.Brady Bacon

For seventy five years this prestige Championship has attracted not only the best Midget Speedcar drivers in Australia but the very bravest and talented from New Zealand and the USA.South Australia and Tasmania are the only States not represented but other Teams have been arriving after long hauls up the highways and across Oceans.

The defending Champion is seven times New Zealand Champion Michael Pickens. Fellow Kiwis Brad Mosen, Hayden Williams and Chris Gwilliam make up the Kiwi challenge.The favorite for the Championship must be Two times Chili Bowl Champion and 2014 USAC Midget Champion Rico Abreu base on current Australian form. Abreu will be joined by Brady Bacon, Zach Daum, Andrew Felker and Alex Bright, all have major US Title to their names and plenty of experience on Australian track.PickensA!

The Australian’s will be determined not to let another Title head overseas and they have plenty of fire power for the Kiwis and Yanks to get over first. Nathan Smee and Adam Clarke both former Champions desperately want another Title and Dayne Kingshott now with McAllen Motorsports will be out to improve on his strong second behind Abreu at the recent Lismore International Midget Show.

While it is hard to go past Abreu and Bacon I would not be surprised if Dayne Kingshott brings another Title home to Western Australia for the McAllan Stable.The two nights of racing starts with the preliminary night Friday February 3rd and the Championship night Saturday February 4th.

Let  the hairs dance on the back of your neck this weekend at Archerfield Speedway for the Kratzman Caravan’s Australian Midget Speedcar ChampionshipKatzman Caravans logo

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Michael Pickens now a 7 times New Zealand Champion.

Michael Pickens now a 7 times New Zealand Champion.pickens nz 1

Nelson Speedway at the top end of New Zealand played host to the running of the New Zealand Midget Car Championship.The stage had been set on Friday night with Pickens leaving the Speedway the top point’s man. With possibly the best ever field for the National Title assembled .All the pressure was on Pickens as he chased a seventh Championship and the chance to equal the feats of that past great New Zealander Fred Tracey.

Pickens continued to gather points throughout Saturday night and ended the heats on top of the points. The race plan was on track after he won the Dash to gain that vital pole spot.In the early part of the race Pickens was devastatingly quick but his race lead was interrupted when Dayne Maxwell said hi to the wall and the yellow was displayed. The break in the race did little for Pickens and on the restart he made a mess of the start allowing Hayden Williams to grab the race lead.

For the first12 laps it appeared that Pickens dream of a seventh Title might be last. Williams made Pickens work hard, he remain determined to spoil Pickens night. At one point Pickens had fallen to third behind Spencer Bayston and with Mosen, Daum, Thomas and Bright all charging.

Pickens charged back to second and then took advantage of a Williams’s error to gain the race lead; Mosen had shaken off the Americans and took Williams for second. Fans were getting excited not only as it looked like a Pickens win was now well and truly on but the chance of an all Kiwi podium .Sadly for Williams Spencer found a hole in Williams defense to sneak past meters from the flag for third.Kiwi podium,jpeg

Michael Pickens now a seven time New Zealand Midget Champion equaling the feat of Fred “Cylcone”Tracey.Brilliant, amazing Champion now holds both the Australian and New Zealand Midget Speedcar Championships, admired and supported across the Speedway World.



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Smee smacks down the field in World Midget opener

  Smee smacks down the field in World Midget OpenerNathan Smee Brisbane

The Preliminary night of the World Midget Championship in Brisbane was a Smee affair after the former Australian Champion took the field apart in the opening contest for the World Midget Championship in Brisbane’s Archerfield Speedway.

The field featured four of the best Americans Rico Abreu, Brady Bacon, Zach Daum and Andrew Felker..Current Australian Champion New Zealander Michael Pickens and Chris Gwilliam rounded off the powerful field of imports.

Both Abreu and Bacon started their nights off ending upside down in their heats while both would find trouble later during the feature. Michael Pickens was fastest during the time trials ahead of Sydney’s Troy Jenkins but had motor problem during the Feature .

Smee and Daum shared the front row and it was the Australian who set the early pace .Daum managed to sneak into the race lead momentarily but Smee soon regain the lead and was never headed,

Sydney’s Troy Jenkins was spectacularly fast all night and closed fast on Daum with two laps to runthen  took advantage of a Daum error to grab second. Jenkins deserved his second place after a stirring drive.

Although Smee took the Preliminary Feature it was Zach Daum who left the Speedway on top of points after consistent performances in his heat race.


The top five in points after night one Daum 155,Smee144,Jenkins 130,Gwilliam(NZ) 120 Doyle 113

Racing continues tonight at Archerfield .

Photo credit Archerfield Speedway

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McAllan Motorsports and Kaiden Manders part Company

McAllan Motorsports and Kaiden Manders part Companymanders

Only recently announced by Keith and Peta McAllen is the news that young Kaiden Manders will not be returning to the Team in 2017.The seat of the McAllen Mobil 1 Mac 21m KRE Eagle will be taken over by Dwayne Kingshot..

Kingshot’s first outing with the Team will be  at the Kwinana Motorplex on 14th January, 2017 to contest the New Year Speedcar Derby.The Team will then move up to Queensland to contest the big Speedcar events against many of the best Speedcar/Midget drivers from the US, New Zealand.KIngshott

With recent USAC and Powri experience last year Kingshot will be a strong contender. The McAllen race cars are proven winners .Who can forget the fantastic performance put in by Adam Clarke holding every State Title in the one year. After Clarke young Kaiden set the Speedcar World alight and along the way in a short career behind the wheel  won 15 feature races, numerous heat races, State Title, Kaiden was the youngest ever winner of the Michael Figliomeni Memorial the Magic Man 34 .Stunning performance by any reckoning .

manders-360-winnerKaiden’s commitments with the J&S drilling team 360 Sprintcar program made it difficult to meet the schedules and commitments the McAllen Team required .On 12 December Kaiden won his first 360 Sprintcar race, the first of many I would suggest.

The McAllen Team could not have made a better choice and the combination will certainly continue the success of the McAllen Motorsports Team.

2017 a new year and a new beginning for the Team.

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Daum Wins The Final Magic Man!

Daum Wins The Final Magic Man!

Photo by Peter Roebuck

Photo by Peter Roebuck

American Zac Daum has come to Perth and swept all before him as he raced his way to victory in the 34 lap Magic Man Michael Figliomeni Tribute Race tonight at the Perth Motorplex.

Courtesy of his win in time trials and a win and a third place in the heats, Daum started off the front row alongside fellow countryman Justin Grant in what would be a fitting finale to the race, with emotions running high throughout.

One of the pre-race favourites, Dayne Kingshott, who was scheduled to start out of position three in the feature, found trouble in the four wide salute and try as he might, was unable to refire the car and was forced infield, joining the hapless Golding brothers Dan and Rob as the others who were unable to get their cars to go.

The initial green light saw Grant jump into the lead ahead of Daum, while Neville Lance (from position five), Chris Telenta (from position six) and Kaiden Manders were quickly following them. Telenta put pressure on Lance, moving into third on lap three, while Manders was looking for a way through behind them.

Davey Ray then made his presence felt, moving into fifth place by lap five, before closing on Manders. The two touched as Ray went underneath Manders, seeing Kaiden ride a wheel before continuing on.

Ray then set out after Lance, the two touching on the main straight which allowed Manders to once again close in. Lance went sideways, Ray nudged into him and Manders went straight past both to grab fourth again. Ray fought back though and reclaimed the position just as the yellows came on for Alfonso Guadagnino who had spun in turn four after blowing a tyre, seeing the race go back to the last completed lap.

Eight laps were in the books, with twenty six still ahead and the field was fighting hard as they took the green again, none more so than leaders Daum and Grant who touched, seeing Grant roll heavily going into turn one. He landed awkwardly on Davey Ray, with yet another American in Alex Bright also becoming involved.

There were some interesting and heated moments under the red light as Grant confronted Daum, but in the end only Bright and Daum were able to restart, Daum leading the field away.

Behind him was Telenta, having one of the best nights of his career, while Manders would restart behind him in third. As the race went under green flag conditions once again Manders would move around Telenta to claim second as Daum began to pull away. Telenta fought back on Manders, with the two side by side, while Lance was right behind in fourth waiting for an error to be made. Manders set about closing the gap on Daum while Lance looked around the outside of Telenta for third.

On lap nineteen the make-up of the race changed again as Manders suddenly slowed and headed infield, just as Lance got around Telenta. Shortly after rookie driver Keenan Fleming slowed and headed infield, causing some nervous moments for Telenta as he only just got by on the low line. Two laps later the yellows would come on again as Nick Rowe stopped in turn four.

With thirteen to go and twelve cars remaining the race restarted once again. Lance took his opportunity and began challenging Daum for the lead, looking underneath and the duo going side by side. Alex Bright also went high in fourth place as he looked for a way around Telenta, then with three to go Bright made his move and grabbed third.

As if the race wasn’t thrilling enough, the final lap reached crescendo status, with Lance attempting to pass Daum, Telenta sliding past Bright for third and Glen Mears going up in a plume of smoke and fire only to power through it and finish the race.

In the end though, it was Daum who claimed his first win in the event, defeating Lance, Telenta and Bright. Ryan Condren, Mears, Jamie McKinlay, Steven Henderson, Jai Dillon, Keenan Fleming and Shaun North rounded out the other finishers.

Earlier in the night Zac Daum set quicktime in the time trials, while the opening heat saw cars going five wide before Daum took the lead from Ray and Kingshott. Unfortunately Ray slowed and bought out the cautions with Daum then racing away at the restart to grab the win from Kingshott and Lance.

The second heat saw the biggest incident of the preliminaries, with Chris Griffiths slowing as the field went green, seeing Daryl Clayden hit him, spin in front of the field and somehow avoid going upside down before Ryan Condren got involved, was hit by Nick Rowe and sent Condren upside down. A complete restart ensued and it would be Grant who defeated Telenta and Guadagnino.

Davey Ray won heat three from Manders and Daum while the final preliminary saw Rowe and Lee Redmond battling it out, closely followed by Kingshott and Chris Griffiths. Unfortunately Griffiths went high and clouted the wall hard, then the following restart saw cars go every which way. Grant would go on to claim the win.

The Magic Man race has now come to its fitting conclusion and it was a mammoth effort by the Figliomeni effort and of course the Perth Motorplex to organize it all. Thankyou to all involved for putting on an event to pay such a wonderful tribute to an amazing man.

The Speedcars only have a short break this week as they now look to prepare their cars for the two night show this Friday and Saturday nights at Manjimup and Margaret River Speedways respectively. We look forward to seeing you all there!

Release by DTN Media.
Pictures Courtesy Peter Roebuck.

Official Results

Time Trials – 1. Zac Daum 16.126, 2. Justin Grant 16.286, 3. Dayne Kingshott 16.346, 4. Chris Telenta 16.483, 5. Davey Ray 16.686, 6. Glen Mears 16.690, 7. Dan Golding 16.721, 8. Alfonso Guadagnino 16.750, 9. Kaiden Manders 16.760, 10. Chris Griffiths 16.792, 11. Neville Lance 16.806, 12. Jamie McKinlay 16.819, 13. Todd Waddell 16.832, 14. Nick Rowe 16.943, 15. Lee Redmond 17.055, 16. Ryan Condren 17.135, 17. Alex Bright 17.242, 18. Daryl Clayden 17.246, 19. Keenan Fleming 17.386, 20. Jai Dillon 17.746, 21. Angelo Karoussis 17.868, 22. Steven Henderson 17.988, 23. Rob Golding NTT, 24. Shaun North NTT, 25. Aaron North NTT, 26. Les North NTT.

Heat One – 10 laps: 1. U14 Zac Daum, 2. W24 Dayne Kingshott, 3. W14 Neville Lance, 4. W21 Kaiden Manders, 5. W52 Lee Redmond, 6. W55 Todd Waddell, 7. U4 Alex Bright, 8. W17 Dan Golding, 9. W26 Keenan Fleming, 10. W89 Aaron North (8). DNF: U71 Davey Ray (4). DNS: W15 Rob Golding, W18 Angelo Karoussis. Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 1.777. Fastest Lap: 16.335 W24 Dayne Kingshott.

Heat Two – 10 laps: 1. U38 Justin Grant, 2. W12 Chris Telenta, 3.W6 Alfonso Guadagnino, 4. N42 Jamie McKinlay, 5. W10 Daryl Clayden, 6. W40 Chris Griffiths, 7. W11 Jai Dillon, 8. W19 Steven Henderson, 9. W7 Nick Rowe (9), 10. W27 Shaun North (9). DNF: W23 Glen Mears (7), W28 Ryan Condren (0). Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 2.323. Fastest Lap: 16.045 U38 Justin Grant.

Heat Three – 10 laps: 1. U71 Davey Ray, 2. W21 Kaiden Manders, 3. U14 Zac Daum, 4. W28 Ryan Condren, 5. N42 Jamie McKinlay, 6. W6 Alfonso Guadagnino, 7. W12 Chris Telenta, 8. W55 Todd Waddell, 9. U4 Alex Bright, 10. W11 Jai Dillon, 11. W27 Shaun North (9), 12. W89 Aaron North 98). DNS: W18 Angelo Karoussis. Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 0.801. Fastest Lap: 16.230 W21 Kaiden Manders.

Heat Four – 10 laps: 1. U38 Justin Grant, 2. W14 Neville Lance, 3.W24 Dayne Kingshott, 4. W7 Nick Rowe, 5. W23 Glen Mears, 6. W10 Daryl Clayden, 7. W19 Steven Henderson. DNF: W52 Lee Redmond (9), W26 Keenan Fleming (4), W40 Chis Griffiths (4). DNS: W15 Rob Golding, W17 Dan Golding, W98 Les North. Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 1.118. Fastest Lap: 16.313 W24 Dayne Kingshott.

Feature – 34 laps: 1. U14 Zac Daum, 2. W14 Neville Lance, 3. W12 Chris Telenta, 4. U4 Alex Bright, 5. W28 Ryan Condren, 6. W23 Glen Mears, 7. N42 Jamie McKinlay, 8. W19 Steven Henderson, 9. W11 Jai Dillon, 10. W26 Keenan Fleming (33), 11. W27 Shaun North (29). DNF: W10 Daryl Clayden (28), W7 Nick Rowe (21), W21 Kaiden Manders (18), W52 Lee Redmond (12), W89 Aaron North (6), U38 Justin Grant (8), U71 Davey Ray (8), W6 Alfonso Guadagnino (8). DNS: W15 Rob Golding, W17 Dan Golding, W18 Angelo Karoussis, W40 Chris Griffiths, W55 Todd Waddell, W98 Les North. Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 0.549. Fastest Lap: 16.159 U38 Justin Grant.

Photo Peter Roebuck

Photo Peter Roebuck

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Kingshott and Grant top practice times for Magic Man 34

Kingshott and Grant top practice times for Magic Man 34


Speedcar fans will be heading to the Perth Motorplex this weekend for one of the most prestige’s Speedcar events on the national calendar  “The Magic Man 34 “.The race that is a tribute to one our greatest Australian Speedcar Champions Michael Figliomeni .This year will be the 10th and final time the event will be run .

The race has attracted 4 of USAC’s top professionals including four time winner Davey Ray. Practice time from Perth Motorplex has local ace Dwyane Kingshott heading the time sheets from USAC Sprint and Midget ace Justin Grant in the Travis White #38 Esslinger/Spike.

Courtesy of the Western Australian Speedcar Association “Overall Speedcar Times from tonight’s practice at the Perth Motorplex!

Dayne Kingshott 16.288
Justin Grant 16.536
Chris Griffiths 16.672
Zac Daum 16.813
Alex Bright 16.876
Todd Waddell 17.296
Daryl Clayden 17.707
Phil Jeffreys NTT

Grant was fastest all night until the very last session when Kingshott came out and set the quickest time of the night, six of his eight lap times faster than the second best time set by Grant! One thing is for sure, this weekend’s Magic Man 34 is going to be huge!!! “

Photo Dwayne Kingshott credit Peter Roebuck: Justin Grant credit Travis White


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